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Impact of Digital Learning and Digital Library on Children

This book is a platform to bring out the talent of young minds and recreate the art of writing with the touch of technology. It is astounding that, the articles are received from junior class to the 10th class across different verticals of poetry, essay etc.

By: Students of Tumakuru

Tumakuru District


District Development Coordination and Monitoring Committees (DISHAs) have been formed to ensure better coordination among all the elected representatives in Parliament, State Legislatures and Local Governments for efficient and time-bound development. DISHA seeks to achieve this by facilitating a quarterly review of all development activity at the district level.

Tumakuru Smart Digital Library

Tumakuru City Central Library with TSCL has to overcome the inhibitions and look the ahead for the betterment of information services to the user community by successfully adopting the digital technology. The digital library has collections of e-books, e-journals and all types of e-resources. It contains resources from various disciplines.

Authors from Tumakuru District


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Smart city

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