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You Are Hired – Resume Se Interview Tak

"This book focusses on the six steps towards getting hired. They are as follows: 1. How to Approach Job Search? 2. Designing your Resume 3. Cover Letter Drafting 4. Image Projection 5. Group Discussions 6. Interview Handling Techniques Each of these steps is explained in detail to ensure that you will be able to implement them in getting your dream job. These steps have explained various strategies for “how to get hired”. Examples of real life resumes and cover letters have been used throughout the book. Further as a part of my research, more than 10 amazing industry experts feature in this book. These experts generously share valuable inputs about the current industry trends in all aspects covered by this book. This book contains lots of examples and samples to clarify various points. This ensures that you get valuable enrichment from this book. Once you are invited for an interview or group discussion. You’ll need to apply what you have learnt through this book and put into practice. The joy of developing and using these skills will culminate in you getting your dream job offer.

YOU Careers

Trying to decide what and where to study or which job to pursue after graduation can be overwhelming. YOU Careers is packed with everything you need to know about potential careers and what you need to get there. You’ll find great advice on how to choose a career that suits your personality and strengths, what jobs are out there, what to study, a guide to bursaries and how to apply for a student loan. There’s also information to help you once you’re ready to enter the world of work – from how to craft a great CV to how to handle yourself in interviews and brush up on the soft skills employers value.

You Practice Exam Papers

Take the stress out of the matric exams by preparing well. Make You Practice Exam Papers a part of your child’s study programme. The publication comprises 46 exam papers and memorandums plus essential tips to help Grade 12 learners over the last hurdle. The papers were compiled by top teachers. Excel with the help of YOU.

You School Projects

Are school projects a worry every year? Then YOU School Projects 2014 is just the magazine for you. With colourful themes with lots of facts, pictures and illustrations, this magazine is a one-stop reference guide for the primary school child in your life. It contains everything a curious child needs. Learn about fascinating subjects, from the seven wonders of the world to the journey of writing to viruses and all sorts of animals.

You South Africa: Learn 4 Languages

It’s fun, it’s colourful and it will help turn your kids into words superheroes! YOU’s new magazine Learn 4 Languages is great for little kids wanting to learn what objects are in their mother tongue while older kids can learn how to say everyday words in other languages. There’s everything here, from the human body and clothes to food, occupations and opposites. It’s the perfect book to improve language skills in English, isiXhosa, isiZulu and Afrikaans.

Youngsters’ Guide To Personality Development

In a world marked by competition personality is the key to success--whether it is social or business or personal or political arena. Interview for IAS or an MNC, meeting with the parents of your prospective bride, addressing a public rally, or delivering a speech in an international conference...if you have a confident and pleasing personality, you will surely make your mark! This book seeks to motivate young men and women, particularly students, to make conscious and continuous effort to build character and develop personality. With deep insight, the author has provided valuable guidelines and practical tips on matters of special interest to students. Further, he has given them the benefit of experience, his own as well as those of eminent persons. Considering the significant role of teachers and parents and their responsibility in molding young minds, the book intends to serve the purpose of building firm foundation for a better personality. Some Glimpses: * Manners make the a man. We should be uniformly courteous to all...humility marks an educated man. *It is more fitting for a man to laugh over life, than lament over it. *The art of writing letters is worth culivating, for one`s own sake, and for the sake of others. *Start building a library, of your own (if you do not already have one)...learn by heart significant speeches or a student all through your life. *`I have developed a such a detached attitude to food where taste is concerned that life is so much easier, and the hazard of becoming a victim to contaminated food are almost nil.

Yuwa Varg Aur Pariksha Dabaw

Manushy ka sampoorn jeevan ek pareeksha hai. manushy janm se lekar mrtyuparyant pareeksha deta rahata hai. manushy jab janm leta hai, tabhee se usakee pareeksha aarambh ho jaatee hai. vah yuva hone par apana lakshy svayan nirdhaarit karata hai. tadnusaar vidyaalay se shiksha grahan karata hai. aatmavishvaas ke saath aage badhata hai. pratiyogee pareekshaon mein apana bhaagy aajamaata hai. din-raat jeetod pareeksha kee taiyaaree karane ke baad bhee, jab niraasha hee haath lagatee hai, to vah bhayabheet ho jaata hai. prastut pustak mein yuva varg kee vibhinn pareekshaon ke sandarbh mein kul 21 adhyaay sammilit hain. antim 3 adhyaayon mein pareeksha ka saar nihit hai. yuva pareekshaarthee ka bhayabheet hona theek nahin hai. aashaavaan hona sadaiv sukhadaayee hota hai. yuva varg apanee vartamaan jeevanashailee badalen. paryaapt vyaayaam, paushtik shaakaahaaree bhojan, paryaapt aaraam aur yojanaabaddh tareeke se pareeksha kee taiyaaree karen, pratibaddhata ka dhyaan rakhen. pareeksha kee vyooharachana banaaye. pareekshaakaal mein anukool paathy saamagree evan nots ka hee adhyayan karen. adhyayan shailee spasht ho. pareeksha se ek din pahale keval aavashyak nots hee duharaayen. sadaiv sakaaraatmak soch banaaye rakhen. apane ko sarvaadhik suyogy samajhane kee bhool na karen. apane saathiyon, sahayogiyon, seeniyars se pareeksha sambandhee salaah lene mein sankoch na karen. apana lakshy sammukh rakhen aur svayan par bharosa ho, to pareeksha mein saphalata milana nishchit hai.