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Wonder Stories: The Best Myths for Boys and Girls by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey

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Wonder Tales from Many Lands by Katharine Pyle

The Prince wondered greatly at his father’s words, but he took the key and went to the top of the castle, and there he found the steel door his father had described. He unlocked it with the silver key, stepped inside, and looked about him. When he had done so, he was filled with amazement at what he saw. The room had twelve sides, and on eleven of these sides were pictures of eleven princesses more beautiful than any the Prince had ever seen in all his life before. Moreover, these pictures were as though they were alive. When the Prince looked at them, they moved and smiled and blushed and beckoned to him. He went from one to the other, and they were so beautiful that each one he looked upon seemed lovelier than the last. But lovely though they were, there was not one of them whom the Prince wished to have for a wife.

Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands by Mary Seacole

First published in the year 1857, the present book 'Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands' was written by Mary Seacole. As evident from the title, this is a fictional novel of women's adventures.

Woodbarrow Farm  by Jerome K Jerome

"Kitchen at Woodbarrow Farm. An ideal old farmhouse kitchen. From the smoke-blackened ceiling beams hang huge sides of bacon, strings of onions, and herbs, and poultry. Over the great fireplace are the guns, and in profusion everywhere are the homely furnishings of a prosperous farmhouse kitchen. A huge fire burns r. in old-fashioned fireplace, with settle on each side. Door l.c. at back opening on corner of farmyard. Latticed window looking out on yard to r. of door. Table r.c. piled with linen waiting to be folded. Linen press l. Door l. below press. Settle in front of press. Mrs. Rollitt at table r.c. discovered ironing. She folds up clothes as she finishes with them, and crosses and places them one by one in press l." -an excerpt

Woodwork Joints: How they are Set Out, How Made and Where Used. by William Fairham

Woodwork Joints: How they are Set Out, How Made and Where Used' is a book that introduces the readers about how they can carry out minute woodworks on their own without any paid help.

Words Have Power by Ashutosh Karnatak

WORDS HAVE POWER is a self-help book that recognizes the importance of words in one’s life. Positive words are the raw material fed to the mind that processes it to produce the final product in the form of behavior and actions. The good material has to go through many stages and processes to become a great one, but the material that is itself flawed in the first place can never produce the first-class outcome. Therefore, it is very important to think, use and spread positive words or self-affirmations to lay a strong foundation on which your future life is built on. Each of the 26 English alphabets mentioned in this book stands for the 26 attributes that should be inculcated in the behavior. The word-list is not all encompassing but certainly diverse and indicative of most of the desirable qualities needed to lead a successful and fulfilling life. At the end of the book are some stories that are interesting as well as inspirational. Though the people of any age can gain by reading this book, but children and youngsters can find it particularly useful for their self-development.

Work of Art by Sinclair Lewis

Work of Art' is Sinclar Lewis' novel, which got published in 1934. This novel did not got much popular. It carries on his comic skewering of American culture, following three generations of the Weagle family as they work in various inns, hotels, and boarding houses. Brothers Myron and Ora have different approaches to their family business, with Myron dedicated to the day to day and Ora losing himself in flights of fancy. Through the two characters, Lewis explored themes of the self-made man, the American habit of seeing work as an identity, and the pursuit of prosperity.

Wounds in the rain: War stories  by Stephen Crane

The present book 'Wounds in the rain: War stories' is a collection of War time short stories. These stories were written by prominent American writer at the turn of the 20th century - Stephen Crane. This volume was first publishe din the year 1900.

Writ in Barracks by Edgar Wallace

A tent that is pitched at the base: A wagon that comes from the night: A stretcher—and on it a Case: A surgeon, who's holding a light. The Infantry's bearing the brunt— O hark to the wind-carried cheer! A mutter of guns at the front: A whimper of sobs at the rear. And it's War! 'Orderly, hold the light. You can lay him down on the table: so. Easily—gently! Thanks—you may go.' And it's War! but the part that is not for show.

Write It Right by Ambrose Bierce

"Write It Right: A Little Blacklist of Literary Faults" by Ambrose Bierce. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

First published in the year 1847, the present book 'Wuthering Heights' by Emily Brontë was considered controversial because its depiction of mental and physical cruelty was unusually stark, and it challenged strict Victorian ideals of the day regarding religious hypocrisy, morality, social classes and gender inequality.

Yes I Can by Dr. Sumer Sethi

Dr. Sumer Sethi is a Radiologist, Educator, Writer and a Motivational Speaker. He inspires and encourages individuals to realise their true potential. His varied experience in medical profession, teaching and understanding has put many doctors on the path of growth and fulfillment. Dr. Sumer’s inspirational titles like Fire in the Belly & Leap of Faith, are the best sellers and have been appreciated a lot by readers.

Yes You Can by Ashutosh Karnatak

"YES, YOU CAN emphasizes on different areas to be honed so that one can lead a successful life and reap maximize profit. Humans have an inherent habit of blaming others or circumstances for their failures. To overcome this, the individual should analyze himself and make the necessary corrections in attitude and thinking process. If one is able to understand and amend oneself, he/she would be able to face the world more effectively. This self-help book indicates that if a person develops plus or positive attitude in life then he/she can face any problem and situation. In this book, emphasis is given to the role of the mind, and techniques to sharpen it. This book focuses on self-improvement, based on the premise that one should endeavor to control oneself, rather than try to change others. This book will make you realise that: One can do, whatever he wants. One can have control on himself. To be successful one should have "Fight Back Tendencies". The mind needs to be maintained in a positive frame. Optimism till the end."

Yet Again by Max Beerbohm

"Till I gave myself the task of making a little selection from what I had written since last I formed a book of essays, I had no notion that I had put, as it were, my eggs into so many baskets—The Saturday Review, The New Quarterly, The New Liberal Review, Vanity Fair, The Daily Mail, Literature, The Traveller, The Pall Mall Magazine, The May Book, The Souvenir Book of Charing Cross Hospital Bazaar, The Cornhill Magazine, Harper's Magazine, and The Anglo-Saxon Review...Ouf! But the sigh of relief that I heave at the end of the list is accompanied by a smile of thanks to the various authorities for letting me use here what they were so good as to require." -Preface

Yoga and Meditation by Stephen Knapp

Sages of India have been practicing the science of Yoga for thousands of years. There are numerous benefits of yoga. On the mental level, it strengthens concentration, determination, and builds a stronger character that can more easily sustain various tensions in our lives. The assortment of Asanas also provides stronger health and prevents various diseases. It improves physical strength, endurance and flexibility. Its ultimate purpose, however, is to purify and raise our consciousness to a level in which we can directly perceive our real identity and the spiritual dimension. Then we can have our own spiritual experiences. The main objective of this book is to create more informed and conscious practitioners of Yoga. ‘Yoga and Meditation’ discusses the benefits of Yoga, both physical and spiritual, its types and methodology in detail. The present book is a guide to not only Asanas that help treating various diseases, but also to the methods for using important mantras to enhance the effects of Yoga.

Yoga for Kids by Anoop Gaur

As man is becoming a machine due to the glamour of materialism and is being compelled to lead an unhealthy and tense life, the world is getting attracted towards yoga for attaining peaceful, healthy and tension-free life. In practical life, husband-wife, father-son, brothers-sisters are all external agents. In contrast, the body, the mind, intellect, ego, etc., are all internal agents which are closer to life. In a conflict, it is the internal agent, which comes out victorious. Keeping these internal agents under one’s control is called ‘Yoga’. For physical and mental health, Yoga is necessary. Hence, this book has been specially prepared for kids and students by and large. Yogasanas are introduced, their meaning, their effects on mind and body, the time required to perform each yoga and its advantages are explained in a very simple language. The pictures given are a speciality of this book, as they clearly express what the writer wants to say. We are sure that this book will contribute a great deal in keeping our young readers healthy and happy.