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Yoga Lessons For Developing by A. P. Mukerji

Yoga Lessons for Developing Spiritual Consciousness by A. P. Mukerji. This antiquarian volume constrains a biography of Edward Geoffrey, 14th Earl of Derby.

You Are Born to Blossom by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam/ Arun Tiwari

This book is an account of how Dr. Kalam visualizes Information and Communication Technology mining the rural talent. Here, Dr. Kalam presents his dream of schools in India at 2020 as symbiotic nerve centres connecting teachers, students and community; personifying knowledge that exists in the world. He also makes a clarion call to accelerate the process of societal transformation. This would involve raising the standards of governance and safeguarding the sanctity of public institutions. The book uses the metaphor of a tree to describe the process of knowledge bearing fruits of prosperity in the contemporary globalised world where different phases, formative, adult working life, and post-50 experienced senior citizens, call for different kinds of learning. The book refers to a contextual contribution of a large number of Indian scientists and artists and proves that there is no age bar to blossom. He advocates creation of conditions that favour growth of diverse individual talents akin to a garden and calls for a scientific mind-set guided by conscience, consensus and by actions that take our social and moral values into account in building our own systems.

You Too Can Be Successful by Ravindra Nath Prasad Singh

This book will help you to move forward in every sphere by making you aware of the importance of qualities like effective measures, strong will, dedication, responsibility, discipline, self-confidence, character, patience and courage towards achieving your goals. You should only have faith to imbibe the above things. You can also write a new chapter in life. You too will realise your dreams by imbibing the important information given in this book. You don't have to worry about the time you wasted. It has been said—“Life is nothing, it is the name of smiling every moment.” The unputdownable book entitled ‘You too can be successful’ has been written in a lucid and simple manner without any cumbersome syntax. This book is an amazing read to all the students who are in pursuit of cracking their cherished goal and also for every individual who strives to be successful in life.

Young Crow Raider by Francis Lynde Kroll

Bent Arrow drove himself forward with all his strength. For a few steps he seemed to be closing the gap between himself and the two older boys ahead. The next moment the old pain beat up through his right leg. He had to choke back a gasp as he nearly stumbled. He forced himself to keep running, although the pain had slowed him so much that the two ahead were rapidly outdistancing him. From the corner of his eye, he saw Sly Fox and Laughing Deer draw even with him and try to pass. In spite of the pain in his leg, Bent Arrow wasn’t going to be last. He lunged forward, barely managing to cross the finish line ahead of the other two.

Young India by Lala Lajpat Rai

The book reflects the study of the nationalist movement in India by veteran freedom fighter and our foremost leader Lala Lajpat Rai. It covers India from 1757 to 1857 A.D. and then from the mutiny of 1857 to 1905 A.D. It was revised further by the author to the happenings up to the year 1915. It gives a detailed account of the socio-economic condition and the spread of awakening for freedom among the masses. It decimates the arguments of British colonialism of having a welfare state in India. It is an important tool for the study of Indian independence. A great read for the current generation by one of the tallest freedom fighters of India.

Young Visitor to Mars by Richard M. Elam

The rocket ship Shooting Star powered through the black deeps of space like a silver bullet. Inside a room of their parents’ suite aboard the vessel, Ted Kenton and his sister Jill sat before a large window looking out at the wonders of space in the year A.D. 2003.

Your Faith is Your Fortune by Neville Goddard

In the beginning was the unconditioned awareness of being, and the unconditioned awareness of being became conditioned by imagining itself to be something, and the unconditioned awareness of being became that which it had imagined itself to be; so did creation begin.

Your Forces and How to Use Them by Christian D. Larson

From the Foreword: 'The purpose of the following pages will be to work out the subject chosen in the most thorough and practical manner; in brief, to analyze the whole nature of man, find all the forces in his possession, whether they be apparent or hidden, active or dormant, and to present methods through which all those forces can be applied in making the life of each individual richer, greater and better. To make every phase of this work as useful as possible to the greatest number possible, not a single statement will be made that all cannot understand, and not a single idea will be presented that any one cannot apply to every-day life.'

Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend

These pages have been written with purpose and hope that their suggestions may furnish you a key to open up the way to the attainment of your desires, and to explain that Fear should be entirely banished from your effort to obtain possession of the things you desire.

Your Mind and How to Use It: A Manual of Practical Psychology by Atkinson

First published in the year 1911, the present book 'Your Mind and How to Use It: A Manual of Practical Psychology' by renowned psychologist Atkinson is an apprehensive guide to applied psychology which would be useful for those studying psychology or practising it professionally.

Your Miracle in Making by Dr. Himanshu Bavishi

‘A Safe Pregnancy and Genius Child does not just Happen’ but is a collective effort of conscious, well informed, actively involved parents and their medical service providers. Pregnancy is the most enjoyable phase in the life of a woman. A lot of preparations are to be done for the new arrival. Correct scientific information in concise, easy to understand and utilisable format empowers pregnant women by gaining the knowledge on physical and emotional changes, common symptoms and remedies, ideal nutrition, child development, proper ante and postnatal care and child birth. The book is an extract of latest science ‘Garbh Sanskar’ with its modern relevance. ‘Your Miracle in Making’, published in four languages—English, Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi, is a book very meticulously prepared for the ‘to be parents’. This book on pregnancy would tell a couple everything they need to know about the most important event of their life.

Your United States: Impressions of A First Visit by Arnold Bennett

This is a pre-1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality. Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digitization process. Though we have made best efforts - the books may have occasional errors that do not impede the reading experience. We believe this work is culturally important and have elected to bring the book back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide.

Your Word is Your Wand by Florence Scovel Shinn

A self help book from the author of 'The Game of Life'. This is basically a book of affirmations about various things like love, sickness, happiness, etc. Florence Scovel Shinn believes that words are very powerful and that by using affirmations, you can alter the way things happen in your life.

Youth and the Bright Medusa by Willa Cather

Don Hedger had lived for four years on the top floor of an old house on the south side of Washington Square, and nobody had ever disturbed him. He occupied one big room with no outside exposure except on the north, where he had built in a many-paned studio window that looked upon a court and upon the roofs and walls of other buildings. His room was very cheerless, since he never got a ray of direct sunlight; the south corners were always in shadow. In one of the corners was a clothes closet, built against the partition, in another a wide divan, serving as a seat by day and a bed by night. In the front corner, the one farther from the window, was a sink, and a table with two gas burners where he sometimes cooked his food. There, too, in the perpetual dusk, was the dog's bed, and often a bone or two for his comfort.

Youth by Isaac Asimov

Youth' is a short novel by Isaac Asimov. It first got published by the Space Science Fiction in the May 1952 issue, and then, was reprinted in the 1955 collection titled 'The Martian Way and Other Stories'. 'Youth' is one of the rare Asimov stories with alien characters.

Youth: Its Education, Regimen, and Hygiene by G. Stanley Hall

I have often been asked to select and epitomize the practical and especially the pedagogical conclusions of my large volumes on Adolescence, published in 1904, in such form that they may be available at a minimum cost to parents, teachers, reading circles, normal schools, and college classes, by whom even the larger volumes have been often used. This, with the coöperation of the publishers and with the valuable aid of Superintendent C.N. Kendall of Indianapolis, I have tried to do, following in the main the original text, with only such minor changes and additions as were necessary to bring the topics up to date, and adding a new chapter on moral and religions education. For the scientific justification of my educational conclusions I must, of course, refer to the larger volumes. The last chapter is not in "Adolescence," but is revised from a paper printed elsewhere. I am indebted to Dr. Theodore L. Smith of Clark University for verification of all references, proof-reading, and many minor changes.

Zen Buddhism and Its Relation to Art by Arthur Waley

Chapters include: Zen Buddhism; Buddhist Sects; Buddhapriya; Later Development of Zen; The Zen Masters; Fashionable Zen; Obaku; Baso; Rinzai; Zen and Art; and, The Rokutsuji School.Books on the Far East often mention a sect of Buddhism called Zen. They say that it was a "school of abstract meditation" and that it exercised a profound influence upon art and literature; but they tell us very little about what Zen actually was, about its relation to ordinary Buddhism, its history, or the exact nature of its influence upon the arts.

Zen by Jerome Bixby

IT'S difficult, when you're on one of the asteroids, to keep from tripping, because it's almost impossible to keep your eyes on the ground. They never got around to putting portholes in spaceships, you know—unnecessary when you're flying by GB, and psychologically inadvisable, besides—so an asteroid is about the only place, apart from Luna, where you can really see the stars.

Zuleika Dobson by Max Beerbohm

The passage of time has conferred a dark power upon Beerbohm’s ostensibly light and witty Edwardian satire.