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TimelineGOA – All India Edition

TimelineGoa is a lifestyle magazine published from Goa. This magazine was founded on January 6th, 2015, and is now sold by all leading newsagents and is available in book stores all over Goa. TimelineGoa magazine is the ultimate guide to all the glamour and fashion trends in Goa. Apart from this, TimelineGoa also publishes articles about food, cuisines, business, events, technology, places and people. TimelineGoa has information about the ultimate weekend getaways, beaches, forts, museums, heritage homes, art galleries, forests and wildlife sanctuaries and water and adventure sports in Goa. This magazine can help you find the best place for you to stay in Goa - be it hotels, resorts, villas, beach huts, tents, cottages or even adventure stays. If you are a shopaholic, this magazine lets you in on the best boutiques, designer stores, flea markets and lifestyle stores in Goa. Foodies can use this magazine as a guide to find the best restaurants, pubs, bars, bakeries and confectionaries in town. Party animals can find information about the casinos, bars pubs, clubs and other events in Goa. This magazine also features stunning photography of Goa in all its glory. If you are not in Goa but would still like to access a copy of this stunning magazine, you could read the TimelineGoa e-magazine online. Read less

Ting Tong

How can the baby sleep with so many sounds around him? Find out what disturbs our little one. 'Ting Tong' has been published on StoryWeaver by Pratham Books.

Viva Goa – Goa Edition

Viva Goa is an English magazine published from Goa. Viva Goa was launched in May 2010 by Shobhaa De. Kedar Dhume is the editor and publisher of Viva Goa. Viva Goa publishes articles related to lifestyle, fashion, entertainment and food. Apart from this the magazine also brings out features about hospitality, health, wellness, business and interviews with successful Goan people. In 2017, Viva Goa launched its Food, Travel and Hospitality awards. These awards are presented to the best performers of the tourism and hospitality industry in Goa and are recognized by Goa Tourism. With the launch of its e-magazine, Viva Goa can now be read online. Read less

What’s Ameena Up To?

Everyone?s wondering what Ameena is up to on a sleepy Sunday afternoon. After all, where did the coconut shell, the paint, the buttons, and newspaper go? 'What's Ameena Up To?' has been published on StoryWeaver by Pratham Books.; Guest Editor: Maegan Dobson Sippy

What’s Neema Eating Today?

Meet Neema who LOVES to eat. Slippery lychees, squishy jamuns, sour tamarinds, shiny spinach ? she loves it all! Join Neema as she chews and chomps her way through the year.his book was first published on StoryWeaver, Pratham Books. The development of this book has been supported by Oracle.