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Mutiny Memoirs: Being Personal Reminiscences of the Great Sepoy Revolt of 1857 [Illustrated Edition]

[Illustrated with over one hundred maps, photos and portraits, of the battles, individuals and places involved in the Indian Mutiny]Colonel MacKenzie was only a young subaltern of three years? service when the great Sepoy Mutiny broke out in 1857. His regiment, the 3rd Bengal Light Cavalry stationed in Meerut, was one of the worst effected and he and his fellow British officers had to fight for their lives as the native soldiers rioted. Having escaped narrowly from his erstwhile soldiers he rallied to the main garrison in Meerut, the rebels fled toward Delhi. He joined in the expedition to re-capture Delhi and relates his recollections with great spirit, there was no rest for the gallant young lieutenant as he joined in the effort to relieve Lucknow. During the last of the fighting his commanding officer, Captain Sanford, was killed and MacKenzie relates his hero?s death with great empathy.After the mutiny MacKenzie achieved the rank of lieutenant-colonel in 1878 and led his troops in the Second Afghan War, 1879-80. Promoted to full colonel four years later, he served as honorary ADC to Lansdowne, the Viceroy of India.