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Dorothy Dale’s Great Secret

In this volume of the popular Dorothy Dale series, Dorothy and her beloved pal Tavia have completed their first term at a new boarding school. But instead of being able to enjoy her break with a carefree attitude, Dorothy's conscience is weighed down with private worry. Will she able to solve her problem and get on with her life before school begins again?

Linda Carlton : Air Pilot

Linda Carlton : Air PilotThe first thing that Linda thought of when she opened her eyes the following morning was the glorious fact that she was now a real pilot. She could take her plane anywhere?to Green Falls, to her father's ranch in Texas, wherever she wanted to go?and nobody could stop her. The freedom of the world and of the skies was hers.?But she had no intention of taking it any farther than the Spring City Flying School that day. She would spend the morning there, watching one of the licensed mechanics give it a thorough inspection, in readiness for the flight to Green Falls on the following day.She wished that it might be Ted Mackay who would go over the plane. She had such confidence in his knowledge, his thoroughness. Besides, it would be fun to spend the morning with him, asking him questions, and talking things over.?Naturally, that was impossible. When Linda reached the field she found that Ted already had gone, and a number of changes had been made. H. B. Taylor was now first-ranking instructor, and the young man who had been acting as office boy, or orderly, or whatever they chose to call him, had passed his course and was promoted to the rank of instructor. Another man took his place?an older man this time, and Linda thought probably it was the poor fellow who had been having engine trouble with his shabby coup? the preceding day. Everything seemed different, and Linda was somehow glad that she was leaving. The place would never be the same to her without Ted Mackay.

Marion Berkley

"Come on, Mab! the carriage is round; only fifteen minutes to get to the depot." "Yes, I am coming. O mamma! do fasten this carpet-bag for me. Dear me! there goes the button off my gloves. Was there ever any one in such a flutter?" "Never mind, dear; it is too late to sew it on now. Here is your bag; come, we must not stop another moment; there is Fred calling again."

Marjorie Dean High School Senior

Reproduction of the original: Marjorie Dean High School Senior by Josephine Chase

Quicksilver Sue

There is something to having fun even for young girls. Sue and Marry were well aquainted with fun, particularly Sue, but this new girl, was hesitant, dignity was, after all, not something to dismiss lightly. "Sue Penrose went home that day feeling, as she had said to Mary, that something serious had happened. The advent of a stranger, and that stranger a girl not very far from her own and Mary's age, was indeed a wonderful thing. Hilton was a quiet village, and it happened that she and Mary had few friends of their own age. They had never felt the need of any, being always together from babyhood. Mary would never, it might be, feel the need; but Sue was always a dreamer of dreams, and always longed for something new, something different from every-day pleasures and cares." Laura Elizabeth Howe Richards wrote over 90 books, including children's, biographies, poetry, and others. Laura's mother, Julia Ward Howe, was famous for writing the words to The Battle Hymn of the Republic. Laura won a Pulitzer Prize for Julia Ward Howe, a biography, which she co-authored with her sister, Maud Howe Elliott. Her children's book Tirra Lirra won the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award.

Two Little Women (Complete Series)

Two Little Women, Two Little Women and Treasure House & Two Little Women on a Holiday