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Boy Scouts on the Great Divide; Or, the Ending of the Trail (Dodo Press)

St. George Rathborne (1854-1938) was a prolific American writer of dime novels. He produced innumerable novels, mostly books for boys. Among them were 60 novels of adventure known as the Doctor Jack books, over 250 cloth bound juveniles, some 25 aviation books, and many serials and short stories in the weekly story papers as well as numerous dime novels. Besides writing under his own name, he used some twenty pseudonyms including: Harry St. George, Dash Dale, Marline Manly, Col. Lawrence Leslie, Jack Howard, Warne Miller, Ward Edwards, Old Broadbrim, Jack Sharpe, Duke Duncan, Lieutenant Keene, Major Andy Burton, A Private Detective, Mark Merrick, Aleck Forbes, Alex Robertson. In an obituary notice the following additional names were given: Harrison Adams (for his Pioneer Boys series), Herbert Carter (Boy Scouts stories), Major Archibald Lee Fletcher (Boy Scouts stories), Gordon Stewart (Boy Scouts in the World War), and John Prentice Langley (Aviation stories). Rathborne was also an editor for the Street and Smith publications for many years, and was writing fiction as late as 1935.

Hal Kenyon Disappears

"Hal Kenyon operated the device. The drill revolved rapidly in the socket, and presently a fine brown powder was flowing into the notch. In a few seconds this powder was smoking densely and slight fanning with a hat brought a flame. Some of the tinder was now applied and after a little blowing, a tiny flame leaped up. The rest of the tinder was then applied, followed by some cedar bark and small wood. Pretty soon the fire was roaring and crackling, while the boys piled on more fuel. "Now for our camp-fire yell," cried Hal when the last armful of fuel had been deposited on the burning heap. Immediately the canon rang and echoed with thirty young voices chanting the following: "Camp-fire, rah! Smoke-punk, ha! Tinder, Lakefarm! Rah-rah-rah!" This yell was repeated several times until it seemed as if the rocks [...].""

Roy Blakeley’s Silver Fox Patrol

In the car which Roy Blakeley and his friends have for a meeting place is discovered an old faded letter, dating from the Klondike gold days, and it appears to intimate the location of certain bags of gold, buried by a train robber who had held up a train bringing passengers home from the Canadian Northwest. The quest for this treasure is made in an automobile and the strange adventures on this trip constitute the story.

Ted Marsh on an Important Mission

Elmer Sherwood was the pseudonym of prolific American author Samuel Lewenkrohn (1884-? ). He was the author of the nine

The Banner Boy Scouts Snowbound or a Tour on Skates and Iceboats (Illustrated Edition)

The book has no illustrations or index. Purchasers are entitled to a free trial membership in the General Books Club where they can select from more than a million books without charge. Subjects: Children's literature;