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Days of Heaven Upon Earth

THE DAYS OF HEAVEN The days of heaven are peaceful days, Still as yon glassy sea; So calm, so still in God, our days, As the days of heaven would be. The days of heaven are holy days, From sin forever freeTwo little words are found in the Greek version here. They are translated "_ton kairon_" in the revised version, "Buying up for yourselves the opportunity." The two words _ton kairon_ mean, literally, the opportunity.They do not refer to time in general, but to a special point of time, a juncture, a crisis, a moment full of possibilities and quickly passing by, which we must seize and make the best of before it has passed away.

Mirror of the Months

"[...]proceed to place before the reader, in plain prose, the principal events which happen, in the two worlds of Nature and of Art, during the life and reign of each month; beginning with the nominal beginning of the dynasty, and continuing to present, on the birthday of each member of it, a record of the beauties which she brings in her train, and the good deeds which she either inspires or performs. Hail! then, hail to thee, January!-all hail! cold and wintry as thou art, if it be but in virtue of thy first day. The day, as the French call it, par excellence; "Le jour de l'an." Come about me, all ye little schoolboys, that have escaped from the unnatural thraldom of your taskwork-come [...]".