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A Book of Cornwall

This vintage book contains a comprehensive guide to Cornwall, with fascinating historical information, descriptions of its towns and places, details concerning folklore, and much more. "A Book of Cornwall" contains everything one might want to know about Cornwall, and it is highly recommended for those with an interest in its history. Contents include: "The Cornish Saints", "The Holy Wells", "Cornish Crosses", "Cornish Castles", "Tin Mining", "Lauceston", "Callington", "Camelford", "Bude", "Saltash", "Bodmin", "The Two Looes", "Fowey", "The Fal", "The Newquay", "The Lizard", "Smuggling", "Penzance", "The Land's End", et cetera. Many vintage books such as this are increasingly scarce and expensive. We are republishing this volume now in an affordable, modern edition complete with a specially commissioned new introduction. This book was first published in 1906.

A Canterbury Pilgrimage / an Italian Pilgrimage

A peasant in peaked hat and blue shirt, with trousers rolled up high above his bare knees, crossed the road and silently examined the tricycle. ?You have a good horse,? he then said; ?it eats nothing.? ?from An Italian Pilgrimage The 1880s was an exhilarating time for cycling pioneers like Elizabeth and her husband Joseph. As boneshakers and high-wheelers evolved into tandem tricycles and the safety bike, cycling grew from child?s play and extreme sport into a leisurely and, importantly, literary mode of transportation. The illustrated travel memoirs of ?those Pennells? were?and still are?highly entertaining. They helped usher in the new age of leisure touring, while playfully hearkening back to famous literary journeys. In this new edition, Dave Buchanan provides rich cultural contexts surrounding the Pennells? first two adventures. These long out-of-print travel memoirs will delight avid cyclists as well as scholars of travel literature, cycling history, women?s writing, Victorian literature, and illustration.

A Company of Tanks [Illustrated Edition]

?Steel, mud, blood and courage on the Western FrontThis is a fine book because it is a superb first hand eye-witness account of British Tanks in action throughout the First World War. Without much preamble Watson launches the reader, in company with the author?s brother officers, men and machines into the heart of the field of conflict on the 11th Corps forward line on the Western Front in the Autumn and Winter of 1916. From that point to the end of the book and the war itself the narrative takes us inexorably into the dark heart of war the tankers knew. Battles and battlefield experiences in their various phases (sometimes the book includes descriptions as expansive as three chapters each) are covered in engrossing detail. We join the author and the men we come to know as personalities, at First and Second Bullecourt, in much detail at Third Ypres and Cambrai before Amiens, the breaking of the Hindenburg Line and Second Le Cateau. This is a primary source work within a finite resource and as such is beyond value. Nevertheless, it is also a highly absorbing read to be relished by students of the period-professional and amateur alike. Available in soft cover and hard back with dust jacket for collectors.?-Leonaur Print VersionAuthor ? Major William Henry Lowe Watson, D.S.O., D.C.M. (1891-1931)Text taken, whole and complete, from the edition published in Edinburgh; William Blackwood, 1920.Original Page Count ? vii and 296 pagesMaps ? 8 sketch maps.

A Complete Guide to Heraldry

Heraldry, the study of family crests and medieval coats of arms, is a science and art steeped in the tradition of familial honor and shaped by strong cords of ancestry and origin. Here Arthur Charles Fox-Davies describes the origin and importance of heraldry and the myriad elements and designs used in the coats of arms of England and Scotland. He explores the meaning of symbols like birds, fruit, flowers, crowns, coronets, flags, and mottoes, and extensively discusses their derivation and significance. With 770 detailed illustrations designed to aid in tracing family lineage, this book will help historians, genealogists, collectors, and anglophiles sift through the records of history and better understand the past.Skyhorse Publishing, as well as our Arcade imprint, are proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in history,books about World War II, the Third Reich, Hitler and his henchmen, the JFK assassination, conspiracies, the American Civil War, the American Revolution, gladiators, Vikings, ancient Rome, medieval times, the old West, and much more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

A Little Tour in France (1884)

This early work by Henry James was originally published in 1884 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. Henry James was born in New York City in 1843. One of thirteen children, James had an unorthodox early education, switching between schools, private tutors and private reading.. James published his first story, 'A Tragedy of Error', in the Continental Monthly in 1864, when he was twenty years old. In 1876, he emigrated to London, where he remained for the vast majority of the rest of his life, becoming a British citizen in 1915. From this point on, he was a hugely prolific author, eventually producing twenty novels and more than a hundred short stories and novellas, as well as literary criticism, plays and travelogues. Amongst James's most famous works are The Europeans (1878), Daisy Miller (1878), Washington Square (1880), The Bostonians (1886), and one of the most famous ghost stories of all time, The Turn of the Screw (1898). We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

A Modern Mercenary

"A Modern Mercenary" by K. Prichard, Hesketh Vernon Hesketh Prichard. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten?or yet undiscovered gems?of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

A Motor-Flight Through France

"Those who have been charmed with Mrs. Wharton's novels will not be disappointed by her venture into the unfamiliar role of a travel writer." ?New York Times, 1908A trailblazer among American women at the turn of the century, Edith Wharton set out in the newly invented "motor-car" to explore the cities and countryside of France. As the Whartons embark on three separate journeys through the country in 1906 and 1907, accompanied first by Edith?s brother, Harry Jones, and then by Henry James, Edith is enamored by the freedom that this new form of transport has given her. With a keen eye for architecture and art, and the engrossing style that would later earn her a Pulitzer Prize in fiction, Wharton writes about places that she previously ?yearned for from the windows of the train."A Motor-Flight Through France captures the riches and charm of France during the Belle ?poque in gorgeous, romantic prose. With the automobile in its infancy, Wharton experienced the countryside as few people ever had, liberated from the tedium and passivity of train travel. ?The motor-car has restored the romance of travel,? she writes. Seeing through Wharton?s eyes, readers are sure to have their own appreciation for the road trip reawakened.Now published for the first time as an illustrated ebook with photographs reproduced directly from the 1908 first edition, with a new introduction by acclaimed travel writer Lavinia Spalding, the Restless Books edition of A Motor-Flight Through France kicks off an eye-opening new series of women writing about travel, with fresh introductions by some of our best contemporary travel writers. This overlooked classic will inspire current and future generations of readers and adventurers.Praise for A Motor-Flight Through France"Edith Wharton's graceful sentences create dramatic, populous tableaux and peel back layer after layer of artifice and pretense, of what we say and how we wish to appear, revealing the hidden kernel of what human beings are like, alone and together."?Francine Prose, New York Review of Books"Those who have been charmed with Mrs. Wharton's novels will not be disappointed by her venture into the unfamiliar role of a travel writer."?New York Times (1908)"Wharton's reflections will still charm those who've been and those who dream. A nice addition to American literature as well as travel collections."?Library Journal"A portrait of a long-forgotten France, a country that, when Wharton ranged over it in her 1904 Panhard-Levassor, was largely unchanged from medieval times."?New York Times Book ReviewEdith Wharton (1862?1937) was the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. Having grown up in an upper-class, tightly controlled society known as ?Old New York? at a time when women were discouraged from achieving anything beyond a proper marriage, Wharton broke through these strictures to become one of that society?s fiercest critics as well as one of America?s greatest writers. The author of more than 40 books in 40 years, Wharton?s oeuvre includes classic works of American literature such as The House of Mirth, The Custom of the Country, The Age of Innocence, and Ethan Frome, as well as authoritative works on architecture, gardens, interior design, and travel.Lavinia Spalding is a writer, editor, teacher, and lapsed luddite. She?s the author of Writing Away: A Creative Guide to Awakening the Journal-Writing Traveler, named one of the best travel books of 2009 by the LA Times, and With a Measure of Grace: The Story and Recipes of a Small Town Restaurant. She is also the series editor of The Best Women?s Travel Writing. Lavinia is a regular contributor to Yoga Journal, and her work has appeared in many print and online publications, including Sunset, Post Road, The San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco magazine, Tin House, Gadling, Overnight Buses, Every Day with Rachael Ray, and The Best Travel Writing Volume 9. Lavinia lives in San Francisco, where she?s a resident of the Writers? Grotto and co-founder of the award-winning monthly travel reading series Weekday Wanderlust.

A Short History of Spain

This edition features?? illustrations?? a linked Table of Contents and linked IndexCONTENTS (abridged list)CHAPTER I.Ancient Iberia...CHAPTER XXIV.Birth of an Insurgent Party in Cuba LIST OF KINGSINDEX

A Survey of London

'Stow's Survey' is a historical work readily identified by this familiar name alone. John Stow (c.1524-1605) was a Londoner, a member of the Merchant Taylors' Company, but spent most of his life accumulating manuscripts and other historical records. His great work, A Survey of London, was published in 1603, and is reissued here in the two-volume version edited by C. L. Kingsford (1862-1926) and published in 1908. Kingsford, a government education official, was also a writer for the Dictionary of National Biography, to which he contributed over 300 entries. His Chronicles of London (also reissued in this series) was published in 1905. In Volume 1, Kingsford's preface explains his editorial practice; he also provides an introduction including documents illustrative of Stow's family background and life, and a bibliography of sources. Stow's text begins with general essays on London's history, and follows with a ward-by-ward description.

A Tramp Abroad, Vol. 1: The Authorized Uniform Edition

One of the finest of Twain’s travel books, detailing (often hilariously) his adventures in Europe, as a Yankee confronting the

A Turkish Woman’s European Impressions

?You will never know, my dear and latest friend, the pleasure your visit has given us. It was such a