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ALERT is a not for profit, non-government organization that focuses on the wellness of the society and has taken Golden Hour Care and Emergency Response Management as its core initiative.


The July edition of YPro magazine features exclusive interviews with cricketer Danni Wyatt, triathlete Ben Kanute and tennis' Jake Harrison. We also explore the future prospects of Max Verstappen, Eric Dier and Henry Slade.

21 Power Tools Of Reiki

Are you suffering from ailments your doctor has no satisfactory remedy for? Why not try Reiki? If channelized properly, Reiki can be used for some very specific purposes with astonishing results. Through the 21 power tools, this book teaches you just how, in a step-by-step manner. The outcome of five years research, this book is a collection of different methods and tools that make Reiki most effective by concentrating on the flow of energy. The book outlines these tools that you could use for every occasion. Highlights: *Tools for every occasion *How to use Reiki for specific purposes *The benefits of awareness and detachment *Relaxation and distress through specific forms of meditation and the power of affirmations and the Reiki Prayer *Manitain health and vitality through Tibetan exercises *The benefits of salt water bath and aura cleansing...and much much more #v&spublishers

A Healthy Home Magazine

This magazine has been created to help ensure you are living in a safe and healthy environment. We all spend a lot of time in our homes, and this magazine shares some simple tricks to ensure our children, pets, loved ones, and our Healthy is protected. We hope you enjoy these tips and info so you can also have A HEALTHY HOME!

A Wellness Update

What Doctors Know is a healthcare magazine geared toward consumers. We cover topics in depth and we get the answers to questions from doctors. What doctors know is a bi-monthly magazine that highlights new insights into everyday health issues that matter the most to you. Filled with helpful information, advice and breaking news, What Doctors Know is valuable tool to help you and your family navigate through the often confusing information about nutrition, medications, diseases, health risks, and many other topics.

A2 Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing TRADE Magazine

The A2 Trade Magazine was launched in 2016, and we’ve been delighted to see it going from strength to strength, and getting overwhelming positive feedback from the industry. Since this is a Trade-Only publication, the content focuses on innovations, techniques and trends in the aesthetics and anti-ageing industry, and is geared towards providing medical professionals in this field with information including techniques, new technologies and products available. A2 Trade is only printed once a year and released in the month of May/June.

A2 Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Magazine

A2 Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing Magazine, your South African go-to magazine dedicated to aesthetics, anti-ageing, integrative medicine, medical skincare, cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic surgery. We are the pit stop for our aesthetically minded readers who are already on, or about to embark on their aesthetic journey. We print only four magazines each year - one in March (Autumn), June (Winter), September (Spring) and December (Summer). In addition to covering all the latest local and international news on the aesthetic and cosmetic front, we also have an extensive range of highly accredited and reputable medical professionals on our panels – all here to help you make an informed decision on your aesthetic journey.

Aarogya katha

A leading Bengali Health Magazine publish from Kolkata. It is distributed in Kolkata and suburbs. We use to publish interviews of Leading Doctors of Kolkata. Some general health topics are also there.

Ability Needs

Since 2001 Ability Needs has been the country's most informative, best distributed disability magazine for the less able and their carers made available within special needs groups, nursing homes and NHS Trusts throughout the United Kingdom in addition to being distributed to disabled people and NHS and Social Services Occupational Therapists free of charge through our extensive mobility mailing information. As well as being on sale nationally, additional copies of Ability Needs Magazine are also available at Shopmobility outlets throughout the UK. We are offering readers a disability magazine with up to date news and information on issues that are currently affecting disabled people and groups as well as producing essential information on products and services to improve their lives. Ability Needs also has a commitment to our advertisers to deliver magazines to our core audience - people with disabilities and their carers - and as well as being available in shops and Shopmobility outlets throughout the country we actively distribute free copies at every notable disability event which takes place in the UK.

Accupressure Chikitsa (Bangla)

Acupressure is a simple medical system, which is free and often miraculous, because the pressure points of the body are far larger in effect against disease and side effects are not. The book has more than 100 drawings, in which pressure points are marked. You can support your treatment through the help of any of these images.

Aces Blogs and Magazine

ACES touch upon different areas to update people. Our magazine is both theme based and sometime current news. Our Main motive is to keep people updated and educated upon the issues that needs to be addressed.

Acid Survivors Foundation India

ASF was formed in 1999 with the growing concern of the rising trend of acid violence in Bangladesh. Acid violence is a form of gender based violence that reflects and perpetuates the inequality of women in society. Gender based violence is a common scenario in Bangladesh. This form of violence cuts across cultural and religious barriers and impede on women's right to fully participate in society. It has the effect of denying women important rights such as economic well being, social well being, political participation, personal fulfillment and self worth. Fear, anxiety, fatigue, post traumatic stress disorder, sleeping and eating disturbances are some of the psychological effects of acid violence. Many victims suffer from complete mental breakdown including identity crisis because of their lost and distorted appearance. Most stop their education or work during the length recovery period or beyond, due to disfigurement. Some survivors and their families face huge economic losses because of the time and money spent on treatment and lengthy legal proceedings.


Acupressure is the branch of traditional Chinese medicine that is used to prevent and treat disease by exerting pressure at certain key points in the patient's body. Within the context of acupressure, it is accepted that these points are part of a system and are connected by meridians. Preliminary examination of the patient reveals which points and meridians need to be stimulated in order to treat a particular illness or health problem. This book discusses the concept of Qi, or energy, as a basis for acupressure in particular. This discussion includes consideration of the forces referred to as yin and yang, the five organ networks, and the relationships of the phases and networks in diagnosing and treating health problems, and concludes with the introduction of diagnostic procedures and treatment of disorders. Starting with origin of acupressure, techniques & methods, reflexology, emotional healing, points & meridians, warnings to cure, the book explains points where pressure has to be exerted to provide relief from 53 ailments, such as Skin problems, Allergies, Breathing problems, Fatigue, Backache, Cold, Constipation, Depression, earache, Eyestrain, Frustration, Hair loss, Hangovers, Headache, Migraine, Heartburn, Indigestion, Blood pressure, Immune system, Sexual problems, Insomnia, Knee pain, memory improvement, Body pain, Toothache, Weight management etc.

Acupressure Chikitsa

Acupressure is a simple medical system, which is free and often miraculous, because the pressure points of the body are far larger in effect against disease and side effects are not. The book has more than 100 drawings, in which pressure points are marked. You can support your treatment through the help of any of these images.

Advancements in Homeopathic Research

A Quality Research oriented journal which will highlight the latest developments in the field of Homoeopathy to enable the fraternity physicians, students, teachers, scholars, institutions, manufacturers to understand and use the excellent research work being carried out in India an other Asian Countries.

Ajker Sampurna

Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals Educational Trust, Kolkata presents Ajker Sampurna, a fortnightly Bengali Magazine.The magazine is a platform to create awareness among every individual for a better and healthy living. The magazine is the second magazine from the renowned hospitals group. The first magazine named B has nationwide fame. It is published from Hyderabad. The magazine consists articles on family and health. Ajker Sampurna is Edited by President & CEO, ER Apollo Hospitals, Dr Rupali Basu.

Alkhaleej Medical صحة وطب

Al Khaleej Sports (Arabic: الخليج الرياضي‎) is a sunday special Arabic-language broadsheet newspaper supplement published with Alkhaleej Newspaper صحيفة الخليج in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates by Dar Al Khaleej. This supplement newspaper is exclusive for the medical news and about life saving news.


In today’s rapidly changing world, day after day we hear how important a healthy lifestyle is. The most substantial point here is that Health, Wellness and Personal Development really helps us in everything. Healthy Life style maintains a good state of our body, improves the intellective abilities, creates the basis for an excellent mood for the whole day. This means that our entire existence, starting from the insignificant aspects and ending with the most important events of all our life, proceeds much simpler, brighter and more interesting. And that's why our motto here at ALPEON is “For a more fulfilling life”, and we can get you there!!! Our entire creative team finds life vibrant and engaging: there’s so much to know and learn! We will help you to discover the unbelievable facets of health and happy life that you did not even guess before as we want all of ALPEON’s readers to live with gusto. If you want to be the same track with us, do not miss your chance for a “fulfilling life” and become our regular reader to be sure that you will never miss real help that we can give you.

Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine magazine offers information on natural ways of healthy living. Learn more about the science behind good health foods and natural therapies in each issue of Alternative Medicine magazine.

Amazing Wellness

Each issue features practical beauty advice emphasizing specific natural personal care products, as well as healthy and sustainable solutions for an environmentally-friendly home.

Anchor India

India, bounded by the majestic Himalayan ranges in the North and edged by an endless stretch of golden beaches, is the land of hoary tradition and cultural diversity. Vivid kaleidoscope of landscapes, glorious historical sites and royal cities, misty mountain hideaways, colourful people, rich civilizations and festivities craft India Incredible. The delightful South India where Indian heritage is more intact has much to offer to this ancient tradition. Humankind's medical odysseys in search of destinations of heavenly healing have a long history. In the modern age, man wanted to move around as he wanted to see places which had been alien to him hitherto. India is one of the prime places to fulfill the natural instinct of man to move from one place to another and get unperturbed. Now, he is exploring places not only for satiating his thirst for seeing newer lands alone but people travel across the globe in search of health destinations as well. With the most sought after professionals and excellent network of hospitals India is becoming the very hot medical tourism destination in the world. As in the magnificent past, nowadays India is extremely renowned for its coir, coconut, marine resources, tea and coffee. The financial institutions are playing an important role in the growth of the country. This great historical soil turns out to be an abode of investment. The prime place is specified to real estate. Real estate is akin to a gold mine. In times of misery, it will yield gold. And, we are equipped for you with some illuminations which enhance her significance in the world map. Anchor India depicts the most vibrant Indian scenario of medical tourism, banks, coir, coconut, coffee, tea, marine resources, space making and space makers along with amazing tourism maturity of the country.

Animal Wellness Magazine

Animal Wellness is North America’s top natural health and lifestyle magazine for dogs and cats. This educational and highly respected bi-monthly publication provides consumers with everything they need to know from the best natural foods and products to integrative veterinary advice, book reviews and healthy recipes! Now with a Bonus section dedicated to everything Feline!

Apollo Life

Apollo Wellness (an Apollo Hospitals initiative) has come up with a premium line of magazine, which has been named as ‘Apollo Life’. Apollo Life magazine is a quarterly publication with every issue being a collector’s item and each issue comprising of a particular ailment common amongst the masses with extensive research on it. Each of its articles, written by specialist doctors and experts from related field aims to make the readers aware about the ailment which they may encounter at any point of their life.


A Complete Magazine for Fitness and Wellness and E-Publishing Telugu weekly Magazine with Beauty, Health, Career Tips and ... and more


Arogyamangalam is an Indian Health Magazine published by Mangalam group in Malayalam Language.The magazine provides health tips ,all the information about Various health problems , symptoms of heath Problem, treatment of Health Issues, ideal diet, food habits, yoga and meditation, and various treatment options in Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Siddha Medicine, Reiki treatment and all other alternative medicines.


Arogyadham a Family Health Magazine, being published from Muzaffarnagar (U.P.) India, the cradle of authentic Ayurveda, is the largest circulated and most admired publication on Ayurveda in India.It is among the top 15 Hindi magazines in India and in Ayurveda among the top 2. Its Readership is more than 7 Million (70 Lac). Ever since its inception, ‘Arogyadham has been promoting authentic Ayurveda across continents. At present, the magazine has edition in Hindi Language. ‘Arogyadham’ extensively covers the developments in this branch of medical science. The regular features include interviews with eminent practitioners and scholars of Ayurveda, detailed examination and remedies of diseases, patient experience, research news and reports on technological advancements. The magazine has exclusive sections on Yoga, food and beauty care which have become a major attraction with the young generation of readers. Arogyadham has been participating in all health tourism events across the world.

Aroma Therapy

Aromatherapy is a method of treatment that involves using essential oils to promote physical and emotional well-being. It is an ancient discipline that has withstood the test of time. This book captures the essence of aromatherapy and explains how certain oils can be effectively used to treat physical ailments. Aromatherapy is a safe and natural method which restores the balance of the body and promotes good health. An exotic way to heal yourself! This book on Aromatherapy explores science's new biological understanding of essential oils for improved immunity and treatment for whole body wellness. The book explains what essential oils are made of, chemical composition, production & blending of different oils. It then gives out, in alphabetical order, the properties, uses and benefits we derive from application of important aromatic oils, such as, Angelica oil, Basil Oil, Bay Oil, Birch Oil, Camphor Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Fennel Oil, Jasmine Oil, Lemon Oil, Rosewood Oil, Wintergreen Oil, Rose Oil, Black Paper Oil, Cedar wood Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Nutmeg Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Peppermint Oil, Thyme Oil, Pine Oil, Lavender Oil, Geranium Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Coriander Oil, Chamomile Oil, Cardamom, Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil. This is followed by techniques used in Aromatherapy, Method of massages of different parts of the body, other kinds of aromatherapy massages, how –to during pregnancy, Baby & children massage, Aromatherapy for Face & skin care and Aromatherapy baths etc.

Arthritis Today

Arthritis Today, published by the Arthritis Foundation, provides the most current and trustworthy advice on treatments, fitness and nutrition and daily living tips from the world’s top doctors, medical, and health experts.

Asana – International Yoga Journal

Asana International Yoga Journal is a monthly magazine that is dedicated to providing the yoga community with the best yoga articles, latest news and events. The magazine is published on the 20th of the month and popular topics for the featured monthly articles include: Monthly feature with a special Yoga Guru, Yoga therapy for various ailments, Partner Yoga, Monthly Yoga Pose, Yoga music, Sun salutation Variations, Ayurveda Talks Yoga Marmas, A calendar of events and more...