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Chakmak is a Hindi language magazine. Chakmak is a monthly magazine for children in the age group of 10-14 years. Chakmak considers children as responsible beings. Hence Chakmak tries to break free from the traditional style and contents of a children's magazine which limits itself to fantasies and fairy tales. Chakmak just as much as it gives importance to children's fiction also focuses on non-fiction which conveys the ground reality to its readers. The stories narrated in Chakmak are based on the day to day experiences of the readers and hence readers find it easy to connect with the stories.


The first Hindi film weekly magazine of India Mayapuri has been the most preferred choice of advertisers and the readers alike since 1974. The reason is simple; father of Hindi film magazines Mayapuri has served the very purpose of all parties concerned, i.e. readers, advertisers and the film Industry with great efficiency without compromising on the quality.

New India Samachar Hindi

Govt launches fortnightly e-magazine "New India Samachar". In a bid to provide correct information about various initiatives taken by Government of India for the benefit of the common people, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) has brought out a fortnightly titled "New India Samachar". The e-magazine will be available in English and 12 Indian languages. The reader may click the link of the language in which he/she wants to read the magazine. The Ministry has claimed that New India Samachar is not the government's mouthpiece, it would enlighten the readers with cabinet decisions, Man Ki Baat and give insight into topical issues in its unique way.

Nirogdham Quarterly

Nirodham In 1979, when the publication of Nirodham magazine was started, no health magazine was published at all India level. The countrymen did not have any interest or awareness about health, nor was there any information about health because there was no system of reading health and physiology in school and college, there is still no. Countrymen physical, Publication of S magazine was started with the aim of creating mental and mental health and proper diet - towards the Vihar and to generate consciousness. This was a bold step that we had taken on faith and on the strength of God, so the initial 5 - 6 years were a very difficult struggle, but with the grace of God our hard work was successful and today this magazine is not only in every corner of the country but also abroad.


Srote is a Hindi language magazine. The paucity and poor quality of science and technology stories carried in the media have been a major barrier to the popularization of science. It has also hindered the development of a scientific temper in people. Several people's science movements in the country have sought to remedy these problems. Born in 1989, Srote is one such effort. Srote is a weekly feature service on topics in science and technology for newspapers and magazines. News from all over the world is presented in a language that is easily understood by a general reader. Delivered to over 350 subscribers, each news snippet and a feature article in Srote is picked up approximately five times. The weeklies are then compiled as a magazine each month.