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Mary’s Little Lamb : A Picture Guessing Story for Little Children

Mary's Little Lamb : A Picture Guessing Story for Little ChildrenWhen little Mary Moffett's mother asked her to go up to the Clover Farm for some fresh eggs, Mary felt a little sorry, for she was very busy making her? doll a dress, but she laid down her thimble and scissors and thread, tied on her pink bonnet, and set off up the hill, with her little basket on her arm. As she was coming home she heard a queer little patter, patter, behind her. She looked back and saw something white! Mary felt a wee bit afraid, and began to run but her foot struck a rock and down she tumbled on her nose! Before she could get up something soft and woolly was rubbing gently against her face, saying "Ba-a-a!" "Oh you darling lamb!" cried Mary, hugging it?and the little lamb snuggled close, and said "Ba-a-a! Take me home with you, little Mary." Mother was astonished. 13"Whose lamb is it?" she asked. "Oh Mother, I think it's just a wild lamb! Mayn't I keep it?" begged Mary. But Mother said she must ask Farmer Clover if it was one of his sheep, first. So back they went, and found Farmer Clover mending his fence and Mary asked him. But there were two big tears in her eyes?she did so want that dear lamb?and the kind old farmer saw them. "Well, yes," he said, "that's my lamb?but it's an extra one, that I haven't any room for. If I knew anybody who would be willing to take it and treat it well?" "Oh, Mr. Clover!" cried Mary, her eyes dancing, now, and her feet dancing, too. "I'd be willing! I'd treat it well! May I have it?" So Mary and the little lamb went dancing home together. And kind old Mr. Clover watched them and laughed till his axe danced in his hand, and his glasses danced on his nose.