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101 Cool Linux Hacks

Discover the secrets of the experts! This collection of inspirational tricks and shortcuts for Linux geeks will help you tune your Linux system and improve your skills. Our 101 hacks include ingenious tools, techniques, and shell commands for customizing your desktop, repairing your system, improving privacy, working with code, and more!


21CRYPTOS is the leading subscription magazine for the Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Fintech industry, with 100+ pages and features from over 20 leading experts, public figures, and traders. The magazine aims to bridge the gap between the public and this complex new world, making it easy and enjoyable for anyone to get involved with or learn more about the exciting new area of finance, business and technology we call Cryptocurrency. Our key features include: - 21 page analysis of promising projects - Interviews with industry leaders - Market catch-up briefings - Crypto culture exploration - Industry and project event calendars - Women in blockchain featurettes - Fundamental trading lessons - Exploration of regulations & legal - And a host of other articles

2nd Opinion Magazine

2nd Opinion, or 2.O for short, is a magazine that puts the spotlight not just on technology, gadgets, and cars, but also on sports, business, politics, and pop culture. It serves up not just a compendium of new products, but delivers an intelligent opinion on each. Heavy-hitting journalists and writers form the editorial core group of 2nd Opinion, with high-profile influencers and personalities sharing their powerful viewpoints as well. Check out our website (, follow us on Facebook (, Twitter (@2ndopinionmag), and Instagram (@2ndopinionmag).

3D Artist

3D Artist magazine is a luxury title for fans of 3D software and the phenomenal images that can be created. Each issue is packed with advice and inspiration for 3D devotees, all written by first-class artists. The tutorials give readers valuable insight into the techniques used by 3D professionals, while interviews and features focus on the latest projects being created by commercial studios and freelancers. 3D Artist looks at the entire 3D world, from TV and architecture design, through to film work, concept art and character development. The unique 'Workspace' mini-mag is for people training for a 3D career and shines the spotlight on 3D university and college courses, in addition to specific career advice from experts in the field, interviews with 3D studios and recruitment agencies, plus tips for anyone starting out as a freelancer. Please note: Digital versions of the magazines do not include the covermount items or supplements that you would find on printed editions.

3D World UK

3D World magazine is the world's biggest-selling monthly title for the 3D artist covering all aspects of the CG creation, inclduing animation, visual effects, vidoegames and architectural visualisation, and includes expert training in apps such as 3ds max, Maya, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, LightWave, Vue, Photoshop and After Effects. Every issue the magazine features an artist showcase, making of features and reviews of new products. ***Please note that from issue 159 (September 2012) onwards, issues include video and tutorial file downloads. Software offers are not included.

99 Electrical World

99 Electrical World is a Monthly Journal devoted to Electrical Power, Solar, Lighting Products, Accessories, Machineries and Materials. Electrical Equipments or Electrical Machines are widely used to converts mechanical energy in electrical energy and vice- versa and are highly demanded among people. So it is a good idea to promote your electrical Products in our Business Newspaper- Electrical-World. Thorough our Electrical-World Business Newspaper, you can advertise your electrical products throughout India at very reasonable price. You are able to find out electrical supplier, electrical wholesaler, electrical dealer, and electrical distributors easily through our Monthly Journal electrical World. It will help you a lot.

99 Electronics World

99 Electronics World is a Monthly Journal devoted to Electronic Components, Products and Machinery & Materials. If you want to promote your electronic products all over India, our 99 Electronics World Business Newspaper is the best media to do so. You can advertise your electronic products in our electronics world business newspaper at very economical price thorough India. With the help of this newspaper you can increase your sale of your products as well.

99 Hardware Today

Builders’ Choice is a Monthly Journal devoted to Construction, Equipment, Material, hardware, Sanitary, Interior, Kitchen, Safety, Wood, Glass & Allied Industry. We are one of the leading suppliers of ‘Builders’ Choice’ Business Newspapers that are a useful source of information of construction equipments.

99 Industrial Mart

99 Industrial Mart is India’s Largest Selling & Industrial Fortnightly Newspaper. Our Tender World Business Newspapers is devoted to Products, Technology, Projects and Tenders. It covers more than 3000 Industrial Products/Services of all trades from all over India & abroad in every issue. This is first business newspaper of our company and very popular among various industries.

99 Lighting & Solar

99 Lighting & Solar is a Monthly Journal devoted to Energy Efficient Modern Lighting, Led Solar & other related Non-Conventional Energy Products. You can get huge information about Lighting Products in India through our 99 Lighting & Solar Business Newspapers. Our 99 Lighting & Solar Business Newspaper is a useful source of information of Lighting Products and Solar Products Manufacturers and Suppliers of Lighting & Solar Products. Lighting and Solar Companies find in this magazine the most up-to-date information on energy efficient Lighting products being developed and used in India.

99 Machinery For You

99 Machinery For You is a Monthly Journal devoted to Machinery, Tools, Engineering, Mechanical Products, Spares & Technology. Our Machinery for You journal provides you information about Machinery dealers, machinery distributors, Indian & Foreign Machinery and Resale of Machinery. Machinery Business Newspaper helps to people in promoting their machinery products in India.

99 Plastic For You

99 Plastic For You is a Monthly Journal devoted to Plastic, PVC, Polymer, Master batches Industries, Business & Market. Our ‘99 Plastic For You’ Business Newspapers are highly useful in promoting your Plastic Products in India. Through ‘Plastic for You’ Business Magazine, you can advertise your Plastic Products such as PVC, Polymer, Master Batches etc at very economical prices. You are able to find out plastic products wholesaler, plastic products dealers, and plastic products distributors and its suppliers through our Monthly Journal- 99 Plastic For You.

99 Print & Pack

99 Print & Pack is a Monthly Journal devoted to Printing, Packaging, Pulp, Paper, Corrugated & Signage Industries and Markets. Our 99 Print & Pack Business Newspapers are highly useful in promoting your printing & packaging products in India. Through 99 Print & Pack Business Magazine, you can advertise your Printing Products and Packaging Products as well at very reasonable price. You are able to find out Printing Equipment Wholesaler, Printing Equipment Dealers, and Printing Equipment Distributors through our Monthly Journal- 99 Print & Pack.

99 Safety & Security

99 Safety & Security is a Monthly Journal devoted to Safety, Security and Fire Fighting Equipment, Products, Technologies, Projects and Services. Our Safety & Security Journal highly demanded among people. So it is a good idea to promote your Safety & Security Products in our Business Newspaper- 99 Safety & Security. Thorough our 99 Safety & Security Business Newspaper, you can advertise your Safety & Security products throughout India at very reasonable price. You are able to find out Safety & Security Equipment Wholesaler, Safety & Security Equipment Dealer, and Safety & Security Equipment Distributors through our Monthly Journal 99 Safety & Security.

99 Solar Age is a B2B portal providing necessary information about Solar Lighting Manufacturers, Suppliers, Dealers and Traders who primarily deal in Solar LED Lights, CFL, Bulbs, LED Displays, Luminaries, Fittings and Other Conventional Product, Accessories etc. from all across India. This portal facilitates business professionals from this sphere to attain their complementary business in order to ensure a smooth business flow. The portal is an extract of our monthly business journal 99SolarAge which features the manufacturers, dealers, distributors, importers, exporters from Solar Industry in the printed form. This magazine has a huge circulation network and covers almost the whole country. Thus, advertising through us would be a great platform for your business growth.

A&D India

A&D India’ - the trade magazine on Industrial Automation from a German publishing house, in India as - "publish-industry India Pvt Ltd". Its readers are spread across Pharma, Chemical, Automobile, Food Processing, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas, Mining sector....making it the most sought after magazine in this sector.