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A Treatise on Foreign Teas Abstracted From an Ingenious Work, Lately Published, Entitled an Essay on the Nerves

Excerpt: … attend rendering the blood too thin by the use of the above volatile alkalies, or drams, which are too frequently taken to avoid that lowness of spirits caused by the great, sudden, and violent contraction of the nervous fibrillae. As the inconveniencies of the foreign teas arise from the metallic properties derived from their preparation, the advantages of the sanative tea are evidently seen to arise from the preparation being such as leaves every herb possessed of its natural and essential quality. This clearly evincing the superiority of Dr. Solander’s tea to every herbal beverage, it only remains to proceed to the two remaining enquiries respecting the mode of using and the effects of this salutary combination of vegetables. The next subject, therefore, of investigation is the MANNER OF USING. As the time of drinking this tea is morning and evening, it is necessary to enquire whether its qualities are such as are calculated to suit the temporary necessities of nature at those periods. From what has been observed respecting foreign teas, it is evident that their properties are diametrically opposite to those which nature at such times requires. When the body is exhausted by insensible perspiration, the most requisite aliment is that which can equally restore the loss of the solids and the languid flow of the animal spirits. What is then taken ought therefore to be neither too heavy for the state of the unbraced system; nor too volatile, to afford a sufficient quantity of nutritive juices to the whole animal economy. Nor should the aliment be so stimulating as to disorder instead of re-establishing the equalized motion of the yet perturbed state of the animal spirits. What is then given should have the power of sedating the nervous fluids, while it disseminates through the viscera the elements of nutrition. These being the requisite properties of what is taken as a breakfast, it remains to consider whether those of the sanative tea are..

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