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ABHIDHANANTAR- the well-known Marathi literary journal is ushering a new beginning due to the pressing demand from its huge audience worldwide. We are coming out again totally charged with quality literary content which was solely missed by the discerning readers of Marathi and translated from the world languages in Marathi. HISTORIC BACKGROUND ABHIDHANANTAR was around on the Marathi Literary scene for fifteen years. It was one of the earliest literary magazine and literary movement in Marathi to recognize and respond creatively to the transforming power of the force of globalization on our life and culture. Before ABHIDHANANTAR, hardly anyone had given a serious thought to globalization and its impact on Marathi poetry. ABHIDHANANTAR has always given generous space to the thought of linguistic, culture and the literary changes taken place in the last decade of the previous century. It also provided a platform to new talent in poetry who responded to the new cultural and social changes brought about by the force of globalization. The focus of this periodical was on the relationship between literature and globalization and it showcased the literature and poetry which emerged from the social, cultural and linguistic crises brought about by globalization. Abhidhanantar was also honored with the Maharashtra Foundation Award for its contributions to Marathi literature.

Angreji Bolna Sikhe Marathi

Prastut pustak ‘inglish speeking kors’ baajaar mein upalabdh angrejee sikhaane vaalee pustakon se alag hatakar vaigyaanik paddhati se likhee gayee hai. is pustak mein angrejee sikhaane kee aadhunik shailee ka prayog kiya gaya hai, jisase paathakon ko angrejee samajhane tatha use dharaapravaah bolane mein aasaanee hogee. Is pustak ko nimnalikhit khandon mein baanta gaya hai-Alphabet ; Pronunciation; Grammar; Sentences; Conversation; Writing; Vocabulary; Exercises Pustak kee visheshataen- Angrejee shabdon ka sahee uchchaaran Shabd rachana evan vaaky rachana Angerajee vyaakaran kee saral prastuti Pratyek paristhiti evan vyakti ke anukool vaaky Hindi evan angrejee mein 50 shreshth vaartaalaap Patra-lekhan evan anuvaad Email evan WhatsApp par vistrt adhyaay Vargeekrt shabdaavalee hindee tatha angrejee mein sammilit Aatm-pareekshan hetu abhyaas uttar sahit(This book 'English Speaking Course' is written in different scientific methods than the English teaching books available in the market. In this book, the modern style of teaching English has been used, allowing readers to understand English and speak fluently. This book is divided into the following sections - alphabet; Pronence; Grammar; Sentences; conversation; writing; Vocabulary; Exercises Book Features-Correct pronunciation of English wordsWord composition and syntaxSimple presentation of English Grammar Every situation and person friendly sentence50 Best Conversation in Hindi & EnglishLetter-writing and translation Detailed chapters on email and whatsappClassified terminology included in Hindi and EnglishWith self-test practice answers) #v&spublishers

Anubhav Magazine

Anubhav Magazine is published by Unique Features for more than 20 years. It is famous among niche Marathi audience across the globe who like to read quality content. Analysis of political and social issues from all aspects, introducing works of social activists not known to many and impeccable editing are specialties of Anubhav.

Babasaheb Ambedkar (Marathi)

He was from a respectable family, well-educated and a lawyer, yet many Indians thought of him as ‘untouchable’. It was up to BR Ambedkar to teach his ‘depressed’ community to fight the injustices that it faced each day. Hard working and wise, he became the icon of the underprivileged. History, however, will remember him as the architect of India’s Constitution.

Bhagvan Buddha (Marathi)

King Suddhodana was at his wit’s end. He had surrounded his handsome young heir with comfort and riches, love and respect, but Prince Siddhartha was still not content. One night, the prince abandoned his family. Exchanging his royal robes for a begging bowl, his luxurious palace for the shade of a tree, Siddhartha lived the life of an ascetic to seek the ultimate truth about life and suffering. His search led him to enlightenment and he became Buddha – the Awakened One.


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