FAQs on Tumakuru Digital Library


What is available on the Tumakuru Digital Library?

The Tumakuru Digital Library unlocks an unsurpassed body of work featuring more than 50,000 eBooks, 100+ Newspapers and Magazines, 200+ Indian Research Journals and discovery of 50,000+ research journals. The depth of the content will be increased periodically for providing the most effective content to the users.

How to access the content of Tumakuru Digital Library?

You need to compulsorily register yourself on Tumakuru Digital Library for accessing the content. Currently, the registration is free for everyone and in the future, there will be nominal registration free.

How to search Tumakuru Digital Library?

The Tumakuru Digital Library is funded by Tumakuru Smart City Limited, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) setup to implement the Tumakuru Smart City Project.

Who can use Tumakuru Digital Library?

The Digital Library of Tumakuru is used by anyone with an interest in the wider academic information. Students, teachers, scholars and the general public may approach it in different ways, but there is something of interest for everyone.