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The Light: Journey towards the Serene

The purpose of the Book is to enlighten on the facets of God and Scriptures. Everyone is aware that there is some supreme power which holds the Universe(s). But there is some unambiguity which states that no existence is real. Every living being has significance in this universe. The book begins with an overlay of the earth and god with reference to Bhagavad Geeta. Is his existence real is answered. At the later part, a brief approach to Vedas and the Upanishads is represented. A discussion of how the Upa-ni-shad is a factor for the living being is also included. Towards the conclusions, Supremacy can be observed in every individual but no Human in the universe is Supreme. The book is open to all children and adults who wish to gain the knowledge about the Eternal. The book is just an attempt to bring to light on Knowledge. It is in no way related to any critics or references respectively. The subject is neutral and in no way specific to any religion or Dharma.