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2D Artist magazine is the ultimate CG resource for artists around the globe, whether you already work in 2D or you’re just starting out. Each issue is full of advice from 2D professionals, including tutorials and project overviews to showcase the latest techniques and tricks being used within the industry, articles and interviews to keep you up-to-date with all the latest 2D news, and galleries to showcase the best from the world of 2D and provide inspiration for your next project.


3DCreative magazine is the ultimate CG resource for artists around the globe, whether you already work in 3D or you’re just starting out. Each issue is full of advice from 3D professionals, including tutorials and project overviews to showcase the latest techniques and tricks being used within the industry, articles and interviews to keep you up-to-date with all the latest 3D news, and galleries to showcase the best from the world of 3D and provide inspiration for your next project.

A Child’s Guide to Pictures

"A Child's Guide to Pictures" by Charles H. Caffin. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten?or yet undiscovered gems?of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

A Treatise on Painting by Leonardo Da Vinci

1897. With a life of Leonardo and an account of his works by John William Brown. Leonardo da Vinci was


பிரான்ஸிலிருந்து வெளியாகும் இலக்கியக் காலாண்டிதழ்.


A bi-monthly Indian performing arts magazine, with perspectives and point of views on specific subjects by artists and connoisseurs from across the world.

Abhilashaa अभिलाषा

Abhilashaa ,an online Hindi e-magazine founded & edited by Abhilipsa Parhi. A P Subhakanta is the co-editor.

Actual Archaeology Magazine-Anatolia

Turkey, with its cultural variety which is increasing in history, has an important structural group of monumental buildings, ranging from the caves to the first temple of the world, from city walls to castles, towers to obelisks, churches to mosques, madrasah, hospitals, hans and baths, fountains, tombs to mausoleums, palaces, mansions and waterside residences. This multicoloured cultural mosaic, which bears the traces of every level of the history, deserves to be called as “super power”. Known as the cradle of numerous civilizations for thousands of years, Anatolia is one of the most important centers in history. It has hosted many different cultures, languages and religions, faced several migrations and battles, and witnessed the foundation and the fall of civilizations. Aktüel Arkeoloji aims: firstly, to inform the general public about archaeological investigations, cultural treasures and the heritage of Anatolia; secondly, to share this heritage, which we accept as being of global value, with the whole world. To understand the world’s history, firstly we should explore the entire history of Anatolian civilizations. Beside scientific researches in an interdisciplinary setting, recent archaeological excavations and the surveys conducted in Anatolia have been further extending the understanding of the archaeology and the cultural heritage of Anatolia.


ADAVI is a monthly Tamil magazine focuses on Literature and Cinema. The magazine touches each and every aspect of Literature and thoughts and aspects of arts and culture.

Aesthetic as Science of Expression and General Linguistic

One of the earliest works of this Italian philosopher and literary critic, Aesthetic as Science of Expression and General Linguistic marks the beginning of Croce's elaboration of his highly influential ideas of aesthetics. Croce defines art in terms of intuition and expression, thus replacing beauty as the primary criterion for aesthetic evaluation. - Summary by Mary J

Afro Poetry Times

A monthly magazine that features poetry, poems, literature and interviews

Afrotribes Magazine

Afrotribes Magazine is a subsidiary of Afrotribes Media. We desire to tell and showcase fascinating African arts and culture. We hope you find it educative and entertaining.

Airbrush Dojo

We are dedicated to the advancement and the skills of All Airbrush Artists and other artists as well of all the arts and entertainment.

Airbrush Step by Step

Airbrush Step by Step is the magazine for all airbrush artists - from the beginner to advanced level. It appeals to classical airbrusher and plastic scale modellers, to the body or custom painter as well as professional illustrators. Airbrush Step by Step aims at providing practical airbrush advice and helping readers to improve their skills through creative user tipps and basic information. With Airbrush Step by Step magazine readers bene t from detailed how to descriptions of all kinds of airbrush illustrations, custom painting, bodypainting and further airbrush use, for any skill level. Read about events and news from the airbrush scene, tips from experts as well as reports on airbrush jobs and projects. The magazine also provides basic information, making-ofs, artist interviews and portfolios and product reviews.

Airbrush Technique Magazine

Airbrush Technique Magazine we published for 52 issues ending several years ago. WE retired but when the other Airbrush Magazine (Airbrush Action) went out of business we started publishing the new magazine Airbrush The Magazine. These older issues of Airbrush Technique Magazine published very helpful, entertaining content in each issue on the publication date. That content, the step by step articles are still very useful valid information now in 2020.

Airbrush The Magazine

Airbrush The Magazine publishing airbrush and custom painting step by step articles by some of the best airbrush artists, custom painters in the world. Airbrush and custom painting product reviews, artist profiles and much more. The only airbrush magazine published bi-monthly in the world. Airbrush The Magazine covering the world of airbrushing, custom painting, pinstriping like no other magazine. The mission of the magazine is "

Akshaya Gaurav – Patrika

अक्षय गौरव त्रैमासिक ई-पत्रिका है। अक्षय गौरव ई-पत्रिका का प्रकाशन पूर्णतया अव्यवसायिक एवं साहित्य को समर्पित है। अक्षय गौरव त्रैमासिक ई-पत्रिका है, जिसकी स्थापना सन् 2011 में साहित्य के उत्थान के उद्देश्य से की गई थी। शुरूवात में पत्रिका को प्रिन्ट वर्जन में प्रकाशित किया गया और 2014 में ऑनलाइन कर दिया। वर्तमान में मई 2017 से अक्षय गौरव ई-पत्रिका का संचालन प्राची डिजिटल पब्लिकेशन द्वारा किया जा रहा है। अक्षय गौरव ई-पत्रिका का प्रकाशन पूर्णतया अव्यवसायिक एवं साहित्य को समर्पित है। इसका संपादन साहित्य को समर्पित साहित्यकारों व कवियों और लेखकों के द्वारा किया जा रहा है। इस ई-पत्रिका के संपादक मंडल अवैतनिक रूप से साहित्य के लिए समपर्ण भाव के साथ संपादन की जिम्मेदारी उठा रहे है। आईये! साहित्य की सेवा में अपना सहयोग प्रदान करें। इस अंक में 1. संपादकीय 2. शाश्वत प्रश्न (कविता) - गोपेश मोहन जैसवाल 3. बसंत अभिराम (कविता) - पुष्पा मेहरा 4. बुद्ध की यशोधरा (कविता) - रेणुबाला 5. वह मासूम पगली (कविता) - अनीता लागुरी “अनु” 6. पिता के जाने के बाद (कविता) - सतीश राठी 7. आज भी (कविता) - सचिन पुरी 8. ख़ूबसूरत देखने की आदत (कविता) - ऋतु असूजा 9. जीवन गीत - प्रेमलता चसवाल ‘प्रेमपुष्प” 10. गीत : स्तुति - पुष्प राज चसवाल 11. मैं नारी हूँ (कविता) - डॉ. ललिता यादव 12. प्यार बहुत करते थे मगर हम-सफ़र न बन सके (कविता) - डॉ. ज़फर ऐरोली 13. कुंडलिया - शशि पुरवार 14. मुझे इश्क़ है (कविता) - डा० कनिका वर्मा 15. भयादोहन (कविता) - रवीन्द्र सिंह यादव 16. होली (गीत) - पुष्पा मेहरा 17. नारी (कविता) - शारदा अरोरा 18. चित्तवेदना (कविता) - कुन्दन कुमार 19. दिल की बात (कविता) - मनोज कायल 20. ज़माना बदल गया है (लेख) - साधना वैद 21. ताड़ना के अधिकारी (लेख) - विश्वमोहन 22. डॉ. चंद्रेश कुमार छतलानी की तीन लघु कथाएँ (लघुकथाएं) 23. अमीरी की सीमा तय किये बिना ग़रीबों का कल्याण नहीं (लेख) - राजेन्द्र वर्मा 24. हे स्पीड प्रेमी बाइकरों... राहगीरों पर रहम करो...!! - तारकेश कुमार ओझा 25. बेढंगा मेढक (कहानी) - ध्रुव सिंह ‘एकहानी)

AL Arabi Book

كتاب العربي هو كتاب سنوي ثقافي مرسوم و مصور يكتبه عرب ليقرأه كل العرب وهو يتبع لمجلة العربي التي تأسست في عام 1958 ،تصدرها وزارة الإعلام في دولة الكوت

ALBUM LETRAS & ARTES, English edition

Álbum Letras & Artes is an invitation to a journey towards beauty and some kind of initiation rite during which we have always strove to offer our readers the knowledge that allows savoring art treasures deeper and deeper and more intensely. All over the years, we have sought the fundamental experience of the artistic fact that will open up a more beautiful and noble dimension of the human being; We, contributors of the Álbum, share the belief that a real artistic creation must possess the initiation dimension; that is to say, it must be involved in the task of revealing a spiritual reality, something it cannot and should not relinquish; and we have always been guided and inspired by the belief in this potentiality of the genuine artistic creation, a belief that can be considered mystical.From the first artistic expressions to the most recent works, the consecutive perceptions of Classicism as well as the various movements that sought change, we can feel the same inspiration from one century to the other through the work of some exceptional artists who in some way are the visible expression of the mysterious Chorus Mysticus, that is to say, "the group of people to whom we owe the secret power of human civilization" referred to by the so-called Perennial Phylosophy. We take interest in everything that can reveal itself as fulfilling and enriching for our mind, for our art.We are always searching for those arcane harmonies of art which possess the magical power of converting life into a fascinating adventure that renders us more honorable and noble. These has been our criteria, our stance during all these twenty-five years. We hope these values continue to throw light upon our work for the coming years. Welcome to Álbum´s world.

ALIVE Magazine

Alive Magazine tells the stories of interesting people doing remarkable things in the middle of America. We bring thoughtful people, brands, organizations and ideas to the forefront—helping good people do great things. Alive provides content, resources and community for an informed group of creatives, entrepreneurs and culture enthusiasts throughout the middle of America.

All Natura

La nature dans tous ses états. Science, géographie, nouveautés et bien d'autres sujets qui interrogent les surprises et les interrogations de ce monde. All Natura relate la nature dans son ensemble.

Allen & Houston Magazine

Creativity. Passion. Humanity. Passion drives us to move forward and become the best versions of ourselves. At Allen & Houston Magazine, we capture that passion through our community’s creativity and actions. This expands our perceptions and inspires true empathy. By growing our mentality, we form a brighter world. This change cannot come without taking care of our mental health – a major aspect of our lives that is rarely spoken about. Our mission is to bring mental health awareness through art and our shared journeys, inspiring everyone to take action and make change. Let Passion Be Our Motivation