Yashas. D, 10th Standard, Maruti Vidya Kendra.

Namma Tumkuru

Tumakuru is known for education so it is called as educational city. In Tumakuru there are so many historical places. Siddagangamutt is famous in Tumakuru .In Tumakuru there are so many educational institutions in that siddaganga institution is famous for engineering. In tumkur there are historical temples. Tumkur is also known as city of coconut because coconuts are grown more. Here thereare so many industries. Shree shree sri shivakumara swamiji was the head of siddaganga mutt. There are so many places such as nanadachiluma, devarayana durga ,goravanahalli etc . There are so many tourist places in Tumakuru . Tumkur is also has mahanagara palika . Tumkur is under smart city plan so amanikera is becoming clean park. in Tumakuru district near pavagada around five hundred acers of solar system of project is done .Still there are so many projects such as bhadravathi hathina volay and smart library under ground water gas and data line projects are going on Tumkur is improving .
TUMKUR smart city is building new library is in construction work.In library they introduced digital library . We have to register using mobiles and we can see any book using mobiles at home.we can see news ,magazines, quiz , etc.

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