Preetham D., 10th Standard, Maruti Vidya Kendra, Tumakuru

Siddaganga Mutt

SIDDHAGANGA MUTT – SIDDHGANGA MUTT IS located in KAYATSANDRA. SHIVAKUMARA SWAMIJI was the leader of the mutt . more than 500 students were learning it is one of the biggest institution . In mutt students are provided with food,shelter and education . it is one of the biggest and beautiful place. It is a very big and peace place . SIDDHAGANGA MUTT provides food every day for the learning students . SHRI SHIVAKUMARA SWAMIJI IS consider as the walking god . IN siddhaganga mutt students are very clever and discipline . MUTT is also called as learning center . MUTT provide clothes,books and shelter for the students. there are more than 500 students learning in mutt .Tis mutt is a tourist place and from different places people would come to visit this place. from different places children would come for education. siddhagang mutt is a very beautiful and attractive place. ATNA From Tumakuru mutt is 10km away . swamaji lived 106 years . SHIVAKUMARA SWAMIJI WAS AWARDED BHARATHA RAWARD .
IN mutt there is a big hall in which aii the students gather and chant prayer. students woke up at 5 pm . they maintain cleanness and discipline in mutt. recently shivakumara swamiji died this was a very sad information for all. he work for the upliftment of mutt and he gave education and shelter for many children .

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