Harini N., 10th Standard, Maruti Vidya Kendra, Tumakuru

TUMKUR is known as Kalpatharu nadu [land of coconuts] .And also known as Shaikshanaka nagari [city of education] . it also has many tourist place. Tumkuru is the name because of the abundance of tumbe huuvaa and for folk musical instrument called Tamate. The main streams of tumkuru is jayamangala and shimsha .
The seat of administration of Tumkuru district in Karnataka was founded by Kante Arasu of Mysore royal family.
On the occation of suvarna Karnataka Tumkur was renamed as Tumkuru. Tumkuru is mainly famous for Sidhaganga Mutt and for Sree Sree Shivakumara Swamiji the ”THE WALKING GOD”. IN sidhaganga mutt they give free education and dorms for 10,000 children . Now Tum
Now Tumkuru is going to be a smart city and fast developing city. They are so many institution and good for education .INDIAN FOOD PARK [IFP] was inaugarated by our prime minister Narendra Modi in Tumkuru.
Amanikere , Sidhaganga mutt , Devarayana durga , Namada chilume . BBasadi betta , Guluru ganesha, Kote Anjaneya are some important places. Tumkuru has greenary , hills and many temples .Ragi , coconut, and many cereals are grown here . Agriculture is also widly practiced in Tumkuru .
Tumkuru district has 10 taluks and it shares it border with 8 district.Tumku an administrative district in the state of Karnataka . According to the census of 2011 Tumkuru district has the population of 2,678,980.Tumkuru is the second largest district in Karnataka. and also it is an industrial city.
Finally tumkuru is an wonderfull district and nice place to live and a smart city and well ,good district . Agriculture , technology , education , and adminstration all are practiced and proud to be an Tumkurian .Tumkuru is one of the peace and developing district in Karnataka .

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