Nirmith A., 10th Standard, Maruti Vidya Kendra, Tumakuru

Tumkur is popularly known as Kalpataru nadu.’It is also known as educational centre of our state.It is one of the most popular district in karnataka.It has 10 taluks.It has many historical temples and heritage centres.Now Tumkur is progress in becoming a smart city.In tumkur many religious places like siddaganga mutt and many other places it is one of the most popular place in our country.There are many educational centres.It is popular for eatables like IDLI it is world famous.There is a digital library recently opened in tumkur district.There are so many industries in our district so that there is no problem of unemployement.Tumkur is exporting some of the goods to many other countries and importing some of the goods from other countries.Tumkur district is idenified as clean city.It has ranked in top 100 cities.It is the only district in karnataka to grow crops like ragi.It is the leading producer of Ragi.Tumkur is encouraging many of the people in various fields and giving awards to them.It has also have many great persons like SHIVAKUMARA SWAMIJI and many other great persons.In one word we should say means that TUMKUR is a very nice place for visitors.

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