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Tumkur a developing smart city compared to before Tumkur had developed a lot. Starting from roads it had developed a lot even technology of Tumakuru has developed. I being born in Tumakuru proud of everything in here.They also say that Tumakuru is a Shaikshanika Nagara.
Tumakuru is now a great city is also developing industries, technology, schools, parks, and many more. Our city has abundant of place for everything. I have a dream that Tumkur and other cities like Tumakuru should also be developed because others are also dreaming about their cities to develop. Tumkur has been accorded the status of a city food park, a project of the ministry of food processing. The India food park was inaugarated by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Our ancesters say that the name of our city has come from the flower ”TUMBE HOOVA” and the name Tumbe Ooru. Our city also called Kalpatharu nadu is recognized by INDIA as a famous food park. Though our city is small it has many places to visit like Devarayana Durga , Namada chilume and many beautiful and mind reliefing places are there.
Siddaganga Matt a precious place in our city where our live living god is present and he is also called ” NADEDHADUVA DEVARU” in kannada . Its a place where we feel like we have some deep relief , when we just enter the place we feel happy. Other than that the food what they give is so nice once we have tasted that we feel like having it again. Its that awesome.
When we come to the topic trend I have to say that our city has been and being a trend. In all matters right from a road to technology. Our city has a good library which is located at the main road before it was a small library before but now when our city is smart city library is being developed like it has included some modern technology like computers and also having a vast space for readers. Apart from library the present trend is about education many facilities is being given to Government school teachers as well as students they have included mid-day meals and cycles, uniforms.
Presently compared to before climate of Tumakuru has changed a lot. Every house recently eho are building recently should compalsorily include rain water harvesting techniques.
Finally at the end we can not also explain what TUMAKURU is. My thought about our city is that the people who are working for our development of our city should be encouraged more and help them to grow more. Firstly we have to encourage the farmers who are working for our country for the basis of our country. Secondly students who donot have the minimum amenities to study they shoud be encouraged.

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