Lakshmi.A.R, 9th Standared, Maruthi vidya Kendra, Tumakuru.

Siddaganga mutt is also called as siddaganga kshetra with an attached educational institution. The mutt was established by sri haradanahalli gosala siddeshwara swamigalu in the 15th century . It is located in karnataka at tumkuru . It heritage of tumakuru . Sree shivakumara swami is the famous peetacharya of siddaganga mutt. He is referred as NEDEDADUVA DEVARU in the karnataka . he born on 1 April 1907. he got PADMA BHUSHANA and KANNADA RATHNA. He lived for 119 years .Recently that means january 21,2019 he took his last breath. On that day tumkur had lost the great person of the nation . it is very sad to all the people of karnataka. Why the shivakumara swami is known as NADEDADUVA DEVARU ? because his achievements and great soul. he gave the education for many people who are in the good status now. now also the many students are studying in siddaganga mutt.This mutt has given a good platform to many children. from many disticts the student are coming and studying in siddaganga mutt . there are many institutions in the name of siddaganga. some are; siddaganga technology center , siddaganga educational institute etc… By this siddaganga has contribute a many things that are useful to society. In Tumkuru, siddaganga mutt is a place where people are learning and teaching for the people .

It is also a tourist place. there is a mountain and temple . which attracts people to visit that place. It is not useful for only education or religious , it also giving economical strength to state improvement. students of siddaganga mutt are very talented in all activities . they have physical and mental strength than the students of other schools.

The students have knowledge in all the subjects. such as sports,music,dance,etc… they will grow in minimum comfort zone. therefore they can live in any place, with any people etc… we are thankful from the bottom of ours heart to the siddaganga institutes..

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Lakshmi A R, 9th standared, Maruthi Vidya Kendra, Tumakuru.

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