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Shree siddaganga mutt is a lingayat matha with an attached educational institution . the matha was established by sri haradanahalli gosala siddeshwara swamigalu in 15th century in a village of south karnataka .

The matha is said to be established by thontada siddalingeshwara to spread lingayatism. The matha has established many schools and colleges , every day it provides atleast 3 meals to is said that gosala siddeshwara swami hit the rock and the stream of water came out of that rock and it is called”’ siddaganga ‘. siddaganga mutt gives education to more than 8000 poor children between the age of 5to16 ,with free food and shelter and is exempted from castes and discriminations,and is open to children of all faiths and communities . the mutt is also giving free education for for the blind with more than 100 blindchildren and offers free education and independent hostel facility. The mutt gained more facilities by shivakumara swamiji in the year 1941 .he was also calls ‘nadedaduvadevaru ‘and also’ trivida dasohi’ . He established 132institutions for education and training . swami’s gurukula house has more than 10,000 children.The pilgrim visitors to the mutt also recieve free meals.he roamed all over karnataka and encouraged children to join matha . shivakumara swami he himself was a student of matha.and he opened hospitals for people .

on 16 january ,despite a completelack of recovery ,the swami was shifted back to siddaganga matha as pert his own will .on 21 january ,it was reported that he was ─źn a critical stage . attempts to revive him failed and he was dead at 11:44am that day . he preached that “Do not steal, Do not kill,Do not speak a lie,do not bow to anyone,Do not feel disgust for others ,,Do not feel indulge in self praise,Do not humiliate anyone this is the way to win lord kudalasangama. These are the 7 commandments given by Basavanna. sri sri sri Shivakumara Maha swamiji followed these 7 commandments through out his life and served humanity iresspective of caste ,gender,colour,Race,etc and has given the facility of food,shelter,and good education to millions of people .The students of Siddaganga mutt are serving in different fields throughout the world.

I am very proud to write a few words about such institution and such a person who is really a “Bharata Ratna”to me .The siddaganga mutt makes Tumakuru Famous All Over the World .

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Asra.A, 10th standared, Maruthi Vidya Kendra, Tumakuru

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