Shreyas.C, 10th Standared, Maruthi Vidya Kendra, Tumakuru.

umkur is a rich and a Heritagios city. It is a smart city. It is known for its education Its also known as Kalpataru Nadu .Its famous for its education. numerous people come here for their studies. it is one of main educational cities in karnataka. It is now a smart city. It is having a rich heritage of a well know place called siddaganga mutt. It is having a good nature. people from other places come here to visit namada chilume,devarayana durga which well known as DD hills. A beleif is there that lord Rama when he was in his excile life he had visited Namada chilume and in search of water. Till today the foot print of lord rama is located.In deverayana durga a religious temple called narshima temple is located. Another great achivement is that sri siddagana mutt which is well known for its heritage and education. Dr Sri Shivakumara swamiji who is known as nadadaduva devaru[walking god] who has served all his life for well fare of children with him and people who belive him. He lived for almost 111years which has been a history in human society. He is truely an inspiration for the children of nowadays. this siddaganaga mutt is well known for its dasoha and DR shivakumara swamiji also known as trivida dasohi[who serve the food all the three times].

Tumkur is known for its collages such as sri siddaganaga university of technology, sridevi medical collages and others. ammanikere is park which having a glass house and a attractive fountanes. religious temples such as gulur ganesha,kaidala,kote anjayanaya statue and and many others. It is having a famous hill stations like Madugiri hill Devarayana hills and others. Its located in the south its not having any seas so not a tension of erossion. Geographically the extent of tumkur is very nice comparied to the other states in karnataka.

The populatin excists up to 4 to 5 lakh. The MLA of tumkur is bsvaraju. He is improving our district in all sphere such as economically and cuturally. many achivement in the feild of education and others have been done here. transporation facilities and comunicaion facilities are much better in tumkur compared to other disricts many legendrory people had visited here. and good education facilities are given in tumkur. toyally tumkur is wonderfull district and all who come to tumkur will enjoy its its rich heritage and its culture. all the people will adopt to this habitat. finally tumkur is wonderfull district with many things…!

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Shreyas.C, 10th Standared, Maruthi Vidya Kendra, Tumakuru.

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