Tejas.P, 10th Standared, Maruthi Vidya Kendra, Tumakuru.

Tumakuru is a smart city.It is a rich and heritage city.It is aslo called as kalpatara nadu.Tumakuru is famous for edution.Siddhaganga Mutt which is famous all over the country is located in tumakuru,where lacks of students learn and get educated and they also serve food every day to every one.Tumakuru is a calm city where traffic is low.

Tumakuru is also famous for idly.In tumakuru we can see atall hanuman statue.People from many places come for tumakuru to study.Tumakuru was not a smart city but now the MLA’s of tumakuru are improving and making it as a smart city.Tumakuru aslo have a large numbers of hospatals and schools.

Dr Sri Shivakumara Swami of tumakuru is famous all over the country and he had lived for 111 years.In Namada Chilume we can see the foot print of lord Sri Rama and also the water comming from the rock which was hit by the arrow of Rama.If we go a little further we can see Devarayana Durga a beautiful location for photoshoot and we can see a temple of Narasimha.In tumakuru we can see Amani kere where that is a big park and a small lake where we can go boating and also see glass house.We have all the facilities in tumakuru and good water and electricity supply.Tumakuru is known for its collages such as Siddaganga university of technology and Sri devi medical collage.We also have city club near Town hall.Religious temples such as Gulur Ganesha ,Kidala,Kote Anjaneya Statue and also many others.It is also having a hill station in Madugiri Devaranadurga hills and others.Tumakuru is located at south of Karnataka and we dont have any rivers and ocean so not a tension of floods,tsunami,coastal erosion etc.

Inside the city of tumakuru we have a population around 4-5 lacks.We also have a district library and a government bus strand and private bus stand and a railway station so no problem for transportation and education.Various political leaders like the PM of India Narendra Modi and CM of Karnataka Yediurappa and many others have visited tumakuru.It is also very nearer to Bangalore so more easy to go and come and export and import goods and it is only 75km from tumakuru.Comparing to other districts we have all the good facilities and tumakuru is not so corrupted.The MLA of Tumakuru Basavaraju is also doing a great job in inproving tumakuru.Finally tumakuru is wonderfull district in many things…

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Tejas.P, 10th Standared, Maruthi Vidya Kendra, Tumakuru.

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