Poorna Shree.R, 10th Standared, Maruthi Vidya Kendra, Tumakuru.

First thing all the people who are living in Tumkur should be proud to live in Tumkur. I love my Tumkur and the most of the places located here are very nice.For example the digital library we have, it is the most loving place for me and all of my fellow friends . It provides us so many facilities ,we can read all books ,newspaper,and so many articles. we also have so many acheviemental and inspring places like SIDDAGANGA MUTT and so many educational institutions .Many people say that siddaganga mutt is a very good place and I too belive that because there is a person who is famously know as NADEDADUVA DEVARU means walking GOD .in the mutt every day they provide three meals for the students who study their ,it has aloso redused unemployment of our Tumkur since it has given jobs for so many people . The glory of the siddaganga mutt can not be expressed in our words . our Tumkur is also famous for coconuts and all the areas are mostly covered by greenery . As the time is moving forward our tumkur had become smart city . all the technology had grown stronger and the students are benifitted the most . I seriously love the library in Tumkur it has become so advanced . All the students and the people , collage students all people are benifitted by this . People will think of going to America,USA,Africa and so many other country but they all should known that our Tumkur is the best and the most safest place from all the natural calamities. Actullay I enjoy leving in tumkur I love all the places in Tumkur and my all brothers ,sisters and all my family members tell me that your Tumkur is a very nice place and they also say that the climet is also nice here. Hearing that I will like flying in air I will be the most happiest peron in the world . And every time they come to Tumkur and they will enjoy a lot in Tumkur .

They will say that they want to visit the library , siddaganga mutt ,and so many other places . At the last I would like to say that we the people who had came from other villages ,states can fell that this tumkur is comfortable and more enjoying place like their place. I have to say that we are blessed to be Tumkur .no words are sufficient to describe the beauty of Tumkur and we kannadigas that to expecially who lives in Tumkur should be proud that they are living in THE HOLY LAND .Last I would like to say that I LOVE MY TUMKUR . All the people also say the same thing that also love their Tumkur . Moreover in Tumkur there is no inequalvality about caste, religion, gender, colour of skin this is the best I Liked about Tumkur . All my friends are very happy for this opportunity and I thank all the authority people who have provided this opportunity .

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Poorna Shree.R, 10th Standared, Maruthi Vidya Kendra, Tumakuru.

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