Kiran.C.S, 9th Standared, Maruthi Vidya Kendra, Tumakuru.

sree siddaganga mutt is a system of gurukul. it has given a education for more than 10000 poor childrens and free food for childrens and visitors. it has beautiful scenery around it and many temples are there. and it was established by sree gosala siddeshwara swamigalu and later sree sree shivakumara swamiji was taken the responsibilities of mutt, he gave education for many poor children and he is also a engineer he complete his studies well. he established many schools and colleges in tumkur around city. he established famous engineering campus SIT, it is the number one engineering college in tumkur and it is the top 7th engineering college in karnataka. and school in the name of siddaganga high school and it will use for many poor childres at low donation and many other degree colleges in tumkuru town. and in mutt it self have schools to 1st to 10th standarad, and puc college also there. we can see many contributions of his in tumkuru district.

he created a history in the field of education. not only for tumkur district it use all over karnataka. many students will come and join for mutt for education purpose. who will those study in mutt they will learn self discipline and become well get well education. not only in studies they will be at well games also and have many other activities it have the separate building for museum itself students will do projects in that in the time of shivarathri. in shivarathri time mutt fair will start on that time all people will who are living in tumkur they will be visiting for mutt and it is main god is lord Shiva. and who ever were study there they will engage in agriculture also, it has so much acres farm land and for doing food they will use their farm vegetables and grains which are grown by them. and in mutt they will provide food for three times a day for visitors and obviously for students. and shivakumara swamiji was inspiring person for all people he laid simple life we can learn many qualities in those who have not visited the mutt please visit it it is so assume, you can see beautifull nature in it, so please visit once.

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Kiran.C.S, 9th Standared, Maruthi Vidya Kendra, Tumakuru.

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