Women’s safety

Women’s safety is an important issue in India. In the past few years, women safety has become a major issue in India. The crime rates are continuously rising, and there is an increase in the number of violence against women. According to constitution, all men and women have equal rights and have freedom from gender discrimination, yet there are multiple cases of rapes every day. No girl or woman today is safe traveling by public transport; however, the planning of the public can support the crime prevention to a great extent. Few simple measures can greatly improve the women’s safety, for example, installing street lights in isolated areas, separate toilet facilities at market areas to make them feel comfortable. If you search on the internet, many cases are happening in different parts of India where women young or old are being harassed and even killed. In India, gender discrimination has existed for generations, although the constitution grants men and women equal rights. Gender equality is a belief that both men and women should receive equal treatment which they don’t. Being born in an Indian family as a woman, one has to face gender discrimination at all levels, it is the duty of the women to prepare the food, the women need to wake-up early and do the household work daily. Achieving gender equality requires eliminating harmful practices against women and girls such as an acid attack, forced prostitution, sexual violence etc. According to a survey, Mumbai is an unsafe city, however, Goa is the safest city. The police must ensure that the police stations are welcoming places for women’s complaints. Rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India.




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