Hi, my name is Rachana I am participating in this competition. I have taken the topic ‘WOMEN’S SAFETY ‘ because I am also a girl but women are a step higher than girl. My mother is also a woman, my sister is also woman our surrounding many we can see. But there is no safety for women’s, they can’t work at night likeable man, why there is partiality between man and woman but why? In olden days girls are not going to school. Their also partiality. Women’s have rights to be free from violence, harassment and discrimination. The women’s safety is important for a country because is the reputation of that country. If we should develop our country the women’s safety is more important. I have seen in more villages the people do not give the freedom of girls. More people say you are girl or woman and you can’t go outside in night. Why? I will ask people why are you like this I know they will say the ‘no women safety ‘. The amount of violence against women has increased by man fold due to the greater exposure of woman in every field of life. In our country Sati, Savitri, Durga, Lakshmi are worshipped by people but we don’t respect the women. Women were previously restricted to the four walls of the house and after globalization they have got the chances and opportunities to stand equally in all sectors at part with male. Women are now a day’s cab drivers and they are also the center of top most companies. But she can’t trust anyone in society and can’t leave alone. We want to inspire the other countries like Spain is the safest country on Earth for women traveling alone and more safety for women. Please stop the crime please give the freedom for women’s it is my request to our country people. Give a place in country for women. Furthermore, domestic violence and horror killings are becoming very common. The wife stays in an abusive relationship because of the fear of society. The primary reasons for rape range from anger, power assertion, extremist patriarchal culture, extra publicity of sexually implicit content in our society, deviant sexual practices, poor parenting, cognitive and attitudinal bias, and sadism. The act of rape will take place in court but rich people won the case but the woman life. The people in County are giving more importance to money than a women life. So please give more importance to women and women safety. Thank you this is my blog about women’s safety.






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