In India women uphold the position of the goddesses we believed of Lakshmi, Durga and kali. The rivers, mountains are also worshiped in the name of women.

Our constitution also gives equal rights and honor to the women but still they leave in the fear of being tortured and continuously starring eyes. every day in newspaper often feels with crime against women.

Every woman should learn self-defenses technique like karate which they may use when time requires and they can carry pepper spray.

The government should pass some strict and binding laws to over come crime against women and government has abolish the dowry system.

In recent time the technology has provided a great platform to peruse a great environment for women safety.

  1. While using two wheelers, be sure to wear helmets at all times. don’t stop for any strangers
  2. Keep mobile in your pocket or at the place from where you can easily take it out and dial a number leave it on.
  3. Once the number has been dialed start shouting and try to speak out your location so that other person can inform police about your location.
  4. If you have a smart phone then install emergency app.


              NAME: KEERTHANA S


               STANDARD: 5TH

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