It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength. Women safety has become a major issue in India. According to Constitution of India, all men and women have right to equality yet there are multiple cases of violence against women. Now-a-days, online harassment is more prevalent than ever. Most online abuse takes place on social media. It’s always not about complaining, it’s being stronger from inner self. Learning the art of protecting ourselves  from an individual. Instead of blaming others, let women take a huge, brave step in the safeguard process.

Personal safety measures have to be learnt by all women:

  1. Self-defenses training.
  2. Escape wisely is always the best option.
  3. Let pepper spray be your secret weapon.
  4. Safeguard against home invasions.
  5. Use the technology (internet) wisely.

Use your senses especially common sense while in trouble. Women’s safety involves self-worth, safe spaces, freedom from poverty. Women’s safety means a safer, healthier community for everyone. Public also plays an important role in helping the women, the pride of India. Several sections of Indian Penal Code (IPC) deal with sexual harassment in different ways. Let all the women save the important contact information of Police accordingly:

  1. DCP night duty.
  2. Police control room.
  3. Call 911 if you are in immediate danger.

Let women find help whether from Law enforcement or from background checked volunteers. It’s a good idea where we can even pay people would come to help.

Story telling has the power to inspire, humanize and connect. “Education plays a key role to make the biggest difference in decreasing harassment”. Anti-harassment campaigns should be wide-spread. Teach values to everyone in the society.

There are devices that alerts others when a woman is in danger. It connects to the nearby police, family members or friends who can really help her. They should track easily and find the harasser. This platform will act as 24/7 active help and companion for women so that they don’t ever feel that they are alone in the middle of crisis situation.

As much as possible avoid late night travel. Try to use some safety gadgets which will be your ultimate savior.

  1. Safe let – a wearable women safety device.
  2. Safety rod – for offence and defense techniques
  3. Revolar – when pressed twice, it sends a yellow message to the designated contacts with your current location telling that you are not safe.
  4. So, always carry the beneficial women safety device for protection.

    If you want to help women for a time, help her but if you wish to help her for a lifetime, teach her the safeguard measures.




    STANDARD: 7th 

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