India is at the critical stage in its fight against COVID-19 the corona virus pandemic has claimed thousands of life’s .shaken the government and thrashed the market it has however failed to crush the indomitable sprits of the corona warriors – frontline workers; doctors paramedics’ ,nurses, health workers and police personals they continue to work tirelessly to combat the disease as this is a war India can’t afford to lose

Many feared that the countries health care system may not be able to cope with the massive outbreak. the country has only 0.5 hospital bed per 1000 people .one of the lowest rations in the world according to the organization of the economic co-operation and development

Emergency room doctors drenched in sweat and critical care nurses scrambling for protective equipment have quickly come to personify. the heroism and tragedy of the corona virus pandemic. doctors, nurses, police are working round the clock to support Indians to fight against the naval corona virus and they are doing so while making immense scarifies on the personal front. the medical providers in the front line are the people who is in most cases can’t go home. They are risking there own life and that of there families to make sure that our  family are safe the risk factor has been dangerously high due to the absence of the adequate personal protective equipment (PPE).the Hippocratic oath is silent on a directive that doctors scarifies their own lives in the practice of the medicine .in truth every war, every human conflict ,every epidemic, every pandemic kill doctor and nurse too also deserve praise are those whose efforts makeup the entire infrastructure of the functioning society such as grocery store ,pharmacy staff ,utility workers and other emergency personal .





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