This book is a treasure from the annals of history. Before the Bible was written down, the story of God’s redemption of the world was written for all to see – in the stars! There is significance to the names and groupings of the stars, and with a little investigation it is startling to realize that ancient cultures all over the world knew the story that they tell. As the scripture tells us: “The heavens declare the Glory of God!” This book is a chronicle of God’s ancient story written in the heavens, the witness of the stars to God’s prophetic truth. No one will be able to resist the cumulative evidence contained here: that any hope for mankind can only be found in God’s grace in Christ. This book unravels the valuable ancient account of the story in the stars as ancient cultures first interpreted it. The DNA of the ancient civilizations that we find here in this book holds vital clues to us who would work to call up the people of the world into their divine, end-time destinies!



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